February 2, 2000 Library Presentation

by K. L. Patterson, Sr.

St. Johns County, FL

Issues in the Wildland/Urban Interface


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Issues in the Wildland/Urban Interface
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Wednesday - February 2, 2000 - 12:00 Noon EST

Issues in the Wildland/Urban Interface

Ken L. Patterson, Sr.
St Johns County, Florida

EIIP Moderator: Avagene Moore

The EIIP Virtual Library featured a paper entitled "Issues in the Wildland/Urban Interface." The author, Ken L. Patterson, Sr., firefighter/EMT, St Johns County (Florida), has been published in several trade publications. This paper was published in the 1999 edition of the American Society of Professional Emergency Planners (ASPEP) Journal.

Ken focused his discussion on the importance of public education and mitigation related to wildfire prevention. He stressed that the public is generally unaware of their role in prevention and can seek help from local fire departments, the Department of Agriculture and the Forestry Division. He noted that some plants are more fire resistive than others and the way people landscape and maintain their property is crucial to mitigating wildland fires


St. Johns County, FL

Kenneth Patterson Sr. resides in Florida with his wife and two children. He is a firefighter/EMT with St Johns County, an EMT for Putnam County, a Community Relations team leader for the state of Florida disaster response team, and an instructor for the National Safety Council and American Heart Association.

Educated in the fire services at St Augustine Technical Center, Ken is currently seeking his degree in Emergency Management from SPJC, located in St Petersburg, FL, with the intention of becoming an EM coordinator for a local or state government agency. An avid writer, Ken has received publication honors in several trade publications.

Ken has attended several courses for his red card certification, including Wildland Fire Behavior and Operations in the Wildland/Urban Interface, as well as attending a course on Rural Fire Management from Australia's University of Southern Queensland, all in an attempt to understand the wildfire phenomenon from a global perspective. Part of the suppression efforts in Florida's FireStorm '98, Ken spent many hours on the fire line, looking for solutions to problems that were being faced on a daily basis, such as how to judge whether a structure is salvageable.

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