March 29, 2000 Tech Arena Presentation

by Walter Green

Assistant Professor
Emergency Services Management
University of Richmond, VA

SALEMDUG Technology Certification Program

[Note: Due to technical difficulties, this session was rescheduled and held April 5 in the Library.]

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EIIP Tech Arena Online Presentation
Wednesday - April 5, 2000

SALEMDUG Technology Certificate Program

Preston Cook
President, SALEMDUG
State and Local Emergency Managers Data Users Group

Walter Green
Assistant Professor
University of Richmond

Amy Sebring: EIIP Moderator

The EIIP Tech Arena session was a follow up to last year's session by Preston Cook and Walter Green, SALEMDUG representatives, to update the status of the organization's Technology Certificate in Emergency Management.

SALEMDUG will offer the first testing for the Technology Certificate at their 15th Annual Conference, April 23-26, 2000, Orlando Florida. The certification program is for two types of people, Emergency Managers who use and manage technology as part of their day to day and emergency operations and technology experts who work in emergency management. Walt Green overviewed the certification process and requirements in the Tech Arena discussion. The SALEMDUG Web site <> has additional information for anyone interested in obtaining the Technology Certificate.


Assistant Professor of Emergency Services Management
University of Richmond, VA

Walter Green is an Assistant Professor of Emergency Services Management at the University of Richmond, in Richmond, Virginia. His background in emergency management includes training as an Air Force Disaster Preparedness Officer, volunteer work at the county level, and service as the Director of Emergency Operations for the Virginia Department of Health. His doctoral dissertation dealt with the relationship of emergency management training and
certification. He currently chairs the Virginia Emergency Management Professional Certification Board and is the recipient of the 2000 award of the Warren E. Trent Individual Achievement Award of the Virginia Emergency Management Association.

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