Tech Arena Presentation
June 28, 2000 -- 12:00 Noon EDT

A School Crisis Plan Manager


Eric Strohl
Executive Director, PLANet
Strohl Systems Group, Inc.


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About Eric Strohl
About Strohl Systems


EIIP Tech Arena Online Presentation
Wednesday - June 28, 2000 - 12:00 Noon EDT

PLANet: A School Crisis Plan Manager

Eric Strohl
Executive Director
Strohl Systems Group, Inc.

Avagene Moore, Moderator
EIIP Coordinator

The EIIP Tech Arena featured a discussion and demonstration related to school crisis planning. The guest speaker was Eric Strohl, Executive Director of PLANet, school crisis planning and management division of Strohl Systems Group, Inc.

PLANet enables schools to build crisis management and school safety plans quickly and easily over the Internet. From acts of violence to more common incidents such as disruptive students, suicidal teens, missing children, natural disasters, and bomb threats - PLANet provides 35 expert-developed, best-practice, customizable response scripts that address just about anything that could disrupt a school day.

PLANet was developed with the input of top trauma, law enforcement, and disaster recovery experts and is in use by educators throughout the country. Screen captures were used to demonstrate the software.


Executive Director, PLANet
Strohl Systems Group, Inc.

Eric Strohl is executive director for PLANet, the school crisis planning and management division of Strohl Systems Group, Inc. With extensive experience in IT, web development, and quality assurance, Strohl has extensive real world crisis management experience as well. Before joining Strohl Systems in 1995, he served in the United States Navy as a Search and Rescue Aircrew member where he coordinated search and rescue efforts for local fire, police and EMS for major natural disasters, aircraft crashes, and missing persons.

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Strohl Systems Group, Inc is a software development firm with related consulting and education services. Focused exclusively on Critical Incident Response Planning and Business Continuity Planning, Strohl Systems is the recognized leader in its industry and helps organizations develop and maintain critical incident response plans to ensure their timely response to a disruption and their survival in the event of a crisis.

Strohl Systems provides industry-leading software solutions, consulting, and educational services for Fortune 1000 companies worldwide. Additionally, the Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) utilizes Strohl Systems LDRPS software for its internal Continuity of Operations Planning and its Project Impact Initiative aimed at creating disaster resistant communities. Strohl Systems also provides expertise to federal, state, and local government disaster recovery and business continuity projects, including development of the State Capabilities for Assessment Readiness (CAR), the National Emergency Management Agency, the International Association of Emergency Managers, and the National Fire Protection Association Disaster Management Committee.

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