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October 4, 2000 - 12:00 Noon

In-kind Humanitarian Donations


Monica Zaccarelli Davoli
Emergency Preparedness Program
Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)


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EIIP Virtual Library Presentation
Wednesday - October 4, 2000 -12:00 Noon EDT

In-kind Humanitarian Donations

Monica Zaccarelli Davoli
Pan American Health Organization

Amy Sebring
EIIP Technical Projects Coordinator

The October 4, 2000, EIIP Virtual Library presentation was on "In-kind Humanitarian Donations." The featured speaker was Monica Zaccarelli Davoli, Emergency Preparedness Program, Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

Zaccarelli explained that the problem of inappropriate in-kind donations persists despite guidelines for in-kind donations and pleas for cash as the best donation in time of disasters. Disaster stricken governments continue to face the traditional and time-consuming chores of sorting out medicine, food and clothes sent in boxes, plastic bags and paper parcels with no label or list of contents.

PAHO believes a preventive approach to the problem can mitigate its effect and that an efficient way of approaching a generous but ill-informed public of the donor countries is through a massive education campaign. Zaccarelli's presentation provided rationale for and solicited ideas and input for such a global campaign that will be undertaken by PAHO and other organizations shortly.

Monica Zaccarelli Davoli
Emergency Preparedness Program
Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)

Monica Zaccarelli Davoli has worked in the health reform in Brazil and after a Master of Science in Health Policy, Planning, and Financing at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, she has been in Bosnia as an independent researcher and in Azerbaijan (Caucasus) with Doctors Without Boarders (MSF) as Mission Administrator and public health adviser. January 2000, Ms. Zaccarelli joined the Emergency and Preparedeness Program of the Pan American Health Organization, the regional office of the World Health Organization. Based in Washington, she has been closely involved with the advocacy for a public education campaign to address the issue of inappropriate in-kind donations, which she brings to our attention today.

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