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Nov. 1, 2000 -- 12:00 Noon EST

Comprehensive Hazmat Emergency Response
Capabilities Assessment Program


Catherine Pomerantz
Technological Hazards Program Specialist


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About Catherine Pomerantz

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Virtual Classroom Presentation
Wednesday - November 1, 2000 - 12:00 Noon EST

Comprehensive Hazmat Emergency Response Capabilities Assessment Program

Catherine Pomerantz
FEMA, Region III.

Amy Sebring, Moderator
EIIP Technical Projects Coordinator

After being developed and successfully implemented in FEMA Region VI, the CHER-CAP program has been extended nation-wide to assist local communities in improving their HAZMAT emergency response capabilities. CHER-CAP uses the skills and resources of local, State, Tribal and Federal Governments and industry to identify and address local jurisdictions' needs. FEMA's experience shows that jurisdictions significantly improve their HAZMAT and all-hazards preparedness as a result of CHER-CAP.

CHER-CAP is conducted in phases spanning four to six months. Communities interested in participating should contact their county or state emergency management agency. The State selects jurisdictions for participation and forwards the nomination to FEMA. To qualify for selection, a jurisdiction must have, at a minimum:

1. An active LEPC with an emergency response plan;

2. A commitment to participate by a local industry partner in the jurisdiction; and,

3. The commitment and involvement of a key first responder agency in the jurisdiction to take the community lead.


Technological Hazards Program Specialist

Catherine is a Technological Hazards Program Specialist with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in Region III. Catherine is a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager and has been with FEMA over three years. She is responsible for the Region III Hazardous Materials Program and represents the region on the Regional Response Team (RRT).

Prior to joining FEMA Catherine was with the New Jersey Department Of Environmental Protection (DEP) for seven years in hazardous waste management.

Catherine received her Bachelor of Science degree from Stockton State College in Environmental Studies. While attending Stockton she was awarded the Stockton State College Board of Trustees Fellowship for Distinguished Students.

Catherine received her Masters of Science degree from Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia. She was awarded a United States Environmental Protection Agency Hazardous Waste Fellowship while at Saint Joseph's.

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