Virtual Forum Presentation
February 28, 2001 - 12:00 Noon Eastern

National Emergency Managers Association (NEMA)
2001 Mid-Year Conference

Michael P. Austin
Director, Arizona Division of Emergency Management

Emily B. DeMers
Accreditation Coordinator, NEMA


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EIIP Virtual Forum Presentation
February 28, 2001

National Emergency Managers Association 2001 Mid-Year Conference

Emily DeMers

Mike Austin
Director, Arizona Division of Emergency Management

Avagene Moore - Moderator
EIIP Coordinator

The annual NEMA mid-year conference was held just outside Washington D.C. during February. More than 300 state directors and staff and federal government and private sector attendees participated. Some of the key plenary session presentations were on mitigation planning, Department of Justice needs assessment, and animals in disasters - both dealing with livestock and pets in natural disaster situations and what to do when animal populations are the disaster, such as the case of animal-borne disease.

NEMA committees met during the first two days of the meeting and discussed a range of issues including: implementation of the Stafford Act amendments, emergency management standards and accreditation, the $100 million fire grant program, and various proposals in Washington to consolidate domestic preparedness activities in one agency or council.

For specifics on committee reports and resolutions passed by NEMA, access the NEMA web site at <>.


Director, Arizona Division of Emergency Management
NEMA Mitigation Committee Chairman

Michael P. Austin serves as the Director of the Arizona Division of Emergency Management. Austin was appointed by the Adjutant General on March 23, 1994. He is the Governor's
Authorized Representative for Presidentially declared disasters, responsible for state and local disaster recovery projects.

The director formulates policy and provides guidance and direction affecting all aspects of Division activities. In times of disaster or emergency conditions which require gubernatorial
declaration of a state of emergency, the director administers emergency funds allocated by the declaration.

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Accreditation Coordinator
National Emergency Management Association

Emily DeMers is the accreditation coordinator for the National Emergency Management Association. She manages the development and implementation of the Emergency Management Accreditation Program, which has brought together stakeholders from a variety of organizations to create national standards and an accreditation process for emergency management programs. Ms. DeMers received her law degree from Jones School of Law and has broad experience in professional credentialing and administrative law.

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