A Tour of the Pilot Disaster Management Initiative

Art Slavinski
Disaster Management Interoperability Services

Margie Dickerson

Appian Corporation

with Brandi Miller, Dave Epperson, and Sumeet Luthra
FEMA Disaster Management Initiative Program Office

December 4, 2002

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The Disaster Management e-Government Initiative is one of 24 initiatives established by the President’s Management Council. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is sponsoring this initiative. An integrated team of partner agencies and organizations that perform Disaster Management activities will accomplish program delivery.

The Disaster Management e-Government Initiative initially will focus on providing information and services relating to the four pillars of all-hazards disaster management: preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation. Later phases will incorporate delivery of integrated, cross-agency processes and services to citizens, governments, and NGOs with emphasis on First Responder needs.

This website is an initial deployment that will become part of a larger initiative aimed at greatly enhanced Disaster Management on an interagency and intergovernmental basis. The major objective of the initial deployment is to demonstrate the basic functions and to field-test the presentation. The site is oriented toward helping users find information and services across a wide range of relevant Disaster Management offerings, as distinct from offering a specific suite of integrated services.