GIS Applications in Emergency Management
Contributing to Our Understanding of Hazards

John C. Pine, Ed.D.
Director, Disaster Science and Management Program
and Professor-Research
Department of Environmental Studies
Louisiana State University

November 19, 2003

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John C. Pine has served as the Director of the Disaster Science and Management Program and Professor-Research, Department of Environmental Studies as LSU since July 2001. Dr. Pine's career at LSU goes back to 1980. His interests in emergency management are reflected in his major research topics that span the past 30 years. Dr. Pine is widely known for his studies in Economic, Social, and Environmental Vulnerability and Consequence Assessment of Natural and Man-made Hazards; Tort Liability of State and Local Governmental Agencies; Consequence Management of Disasters; and Crisis Management. John Pine received both his Masters and Doctorate Degree in Education at the University of Georgia.

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