Catastrophic Incident Planning
Strategies for a Proactive National Response

David E. Garratt
Acting Director, Preparedness Division
Federal Emergency Management Agency, DHS

December 15, 2004

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Mr. David Garratt is the Acting Director of the Preparedness Division at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Headquarters in Washington, DC. The Preparedness Division develops and delivers emergency management and first responder training programs; coordinates and develops plans, resources and national standards for emergency response operations; develops and coordinates assessments and exercises; oversees community response plans for chemical and nuclear hazards; and includes the U.S. Fire Administration.

Mr. Garratt is also the Chair of the interagency Catastrophic Incident Planning Group, which is responsible for developing the policy and procedures for responding to a mass casualty/mass evacuation incident, as part of the National Response Plan.

Previous FEMA assignments included Chief of Capability Assurance within the Preparedness Division; Director of Assessments and Exercises in the Office of National Preparedness; and Executive Operations Officer to the Assistant Director for Readiness, Response and Recovery. Prior to joining FEMA in 1995, Mr. Garratt served as the Air Force Command and Control Programs Manager at the Pentagon.

Mr. Garratt has served in key positions in over 30 Presidentially declared disasters or emergency operations, including as the Director of the national interagency Emergency Support Team following the World Trade Center/Pentagon Terrorist Attacks of 2001. He also served as Director of the Homeland Security Coordination Center.

Mr. Garratt has a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration from Upper Iowa University.