Can We Ever Be Ready Enough?
A Group Discussion on Measuring Disaster Preparedness

Dan Robeson, CEM
Homeland Security Planner
Johnson County Emergency Management and Homeland Security

October 11, 2006

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Dan Robeson currently works for the Emergency Management and Homeland Security Department in Johnson County, Kansas. As the Homeland Security Planner, he coordinates a variety of emergency planning projects for the County. Before moving home to take his current position three years ago, Mr. Robeson had worked in emergency management in the private, non-profit, and public sectors including work on the city, County, State, Regional, and Federal levels.

Mr. Robeson holds an undergraduate degree in Emergency Administration and Planning from the University of North Texas and is currently working on his Masters in Public Administration at the University of Kansas. He is a certified Master Exercise Practitioner (MEP), Kansas Certified Emergency Manager (KCEM), and Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) as designated by the International Association of Emergency Managers.