Emergency Management
The American Experience, 1900 - 2005

Claire B. Rubin
President, Claire B. Rubin & Associates

April 9, 2008

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Emergency Management: The American Experience, 1900 - 2005
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The Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management

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"Very good - timely."

"Thanks so much for affording Claire Rubin the opportunity to share her extraordinary wealth of knowledge and insight."
Paula D. Gordon, Ph.D.

"Having only participated in a few sessions thus far, saying that this session was the first to touch on THE elephant in the EMS room is nevertheless significant. Wrapping up the lessons of history into a succinct, concise package available to the masses is laudatory and needed. Given that my knowledge of history up until recently was sparse and inaccurate, the value of Dr. Rubin's work cannot be overstated."
Steven McGee
SAW Concepts LLC

"EIIP Virtual Forums provide a critical platform for the exchange of ideas with subject matter experts. This was especially true of the interview with Claire Rubin. She raised issues about the way we manage EM that are especially important as we prepare for a change in Presidents and perhaps the national strategy for EM."
Paul Anderson

"This was an excellent program - Hot Topics and thought provoking presentation -Great Job! Thanks!"
Rex Shelburne

"A bit more info about the book would have bene helpful since it seemed that many had not read it."

"Excellent forum. It gives the reader a good perspective on historical background of emergency management - from infancy to present day. I agree with Claire's responses to state of emergency management. We certainly have come far, but still have a ways to go."
Mark Lewack

"Excellent presentation of material...I liked Claire's emphasis on the three main observations or conclusions from her analysis. They helped to focus the discussion."
Jane Kushma

"History is always interesting and useful. Useful too to see the academic perspective. Her 3 Concerns were insightful; it would be nice to see solutions."
Ray Pena
FEMA Contract support

"As a newcomer to preparedness efforts, I found the forum highly enlightening and will certainly purchase the book!"

"This session provided an opportunity for aspiring and practicing emergency managers to glean some insight from our past. It also demonstrated the need for improving the relationship between field emergency managers and our partners in the academic setting. As always, EIIP provides insightful topics for the entire emergency management community. Thanks for your efforts!"
Steve Marks
Guilford Co Emergency Mgmt

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Ms Claire B. Rubin, M.A. is a social scientist with 30 years of experience as a researcher, practitioner, and academic in the fields of emergency management and homeland security. She is the President of Claire B. Rubin & Associates (http://www.clairerubin.com), a small business specializing in disaster research and consulting located in Arlington, VA. Ms Rubin also is a Visiting Research Scholar at the George Washington University, Institute for Crisis, Disaster, and Risk Management, in Washington, D.C.

She is a co-founder and currently the Managing Editor of the Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (JHSEM) (http://www.bepress.com/jhsem), which is in its fifth year of publication.

She has written more than 65 publications on hazards and disasters and has delivered numerous lectures and presentations on emergency management and homeland security topics. Presently, she is working on the development of several educational products. Ongoing projects include the Time Line Series of products (http://www.disaster-timeline.com) as well as JHSEM. Ms Rubin is the editor of a recent textbook -- Emergency Management: The American Experience, 1900-2005, published by the Public Entity Risk Institute (http://www.riskinstitute.org), June 2007, and the related Century Time Line chart.