Bringing Home the Bacon
Getting and Keeping FEMA Public Assistance Dollars

Michael Martinet, CEM®
Coordinator, Office of Disaster Management
Area G, South Bay Region, Los Angeles County, California

August 13, 2008 -- 12:00 Noon Eastern Time

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FEMA Public Assistance Grant Program
FEMA Public Assistance Pilot Program

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"Good general comments about the PA program. Mike's best point I believe was the need for all Local/State personnel to be knowledgeble(as they can be)about 44 CFR and FEMA's rules in general. Knowledge and preparation is our best plan for success! Thanks for offering this PA subject today."
Doug Worden
State of Tennessee

"This is my first 'virtual chat.' It was very user friendly and highly interesting. Thank you, Amy, for your great moderating of the discussion. Mike was a very good presenter, and clearly knowledgeable. I'll look forward to participating in future forums (I learned of this one through Wayne Blanchard's e-digest). Thanks for your good work!"
Norma Houston
UNC-CH School of Government

"Mike is incredibly knowledgeable on this topic. His presentation was very well done. THANKS!"
Dennis Jones

"Excellent topic; I found it very useful."

"My first session, I'm going to do my best to attend others. Excellent presenter, I'm extremely appreciative that someone has compiled this information."

"I generally appreciate the Virtual Forum and having professional presentations by subject-matter experts. Unfortunately, I found this presentation to be substandard to others. The guest speaker did not answer questions directlyand indirectly slammed the FEMA PA Program regardless of his claiming not to.The speaker should have had more familiarity with the basic documents\tools critical to admininistering the PA Program."
Kay Phillips

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Michael Martinet serves as the Coordinator for the Office of Disaster Management, Area G, which serves 14 cities in the South Bay Region of Los Angeles County. He has a Master's degree in Emergency Services Administration from Cal State University, Long Beach, is a Certified Emergency Manager (CEM®) from the International Association of Emergency Managers, and served six years on the CEM® Commission.

He is a past president of the American Society of Professional Planners and serves on the Emergency Management Accreditation Program (EMAP) Assessor. Mike currently serves as the IAEM-USA Region IX Vice President. He is a member of the National Fire Protection Association's Technical Committee on Standard 1600, which is the standard for emergency/disaster management and business continuity in the United States and Canada.

For ten years Mr. Martinet has taught classes in Disaster Record Keeping, EOC Finance and Administration issues, FEMA cost recovery and financial aspects of disasters to nearly 3,000 students. He has a new project to collect disaster recovery finance policies from local government agencies to include in his disaster cost recovery training course. Information on this new project will be in a forthcoming issue of the IAEM Bulletin.