New and Improved

Peter Gattuso
Information Systems Manager, Office of Emergency Management
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Mark W. Miller
Emergency Response Division, Office of Response and Restoration
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

April 22, 2009

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14 (34%) Academia 3 (7%)
21 (51%) Business 4 (10%)
4 (10%) Government 30 (73%)
2 (5%) Volunteers 2 (5%)
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"Very impressive. I see a lot of ways we can use this!"
Red Cross in GNY

"Really an informative session and much needed."
Jo Duckworth
Union Co, IA EMA

"Wonderful. I have used this software in the past but am very excited that the footprint can be exported out to use in our existing GIS applications. Thank you very much."
Suzanne Wachal
Tarrant County GIS

"This was very impressive from the old days of the program. Great job!!!"

"Excellent presentation. Very good information about the upgrades. Very useful information and very good instructors. Thank you."
Francis Bauer

"Very good. Very knowledgeable. MARPLOT is much better! Wish we had more time for Q&A."
Gretchen Lynch
Seagull Environmental Technologies, Inc.

"Excellent presentation on the CAMEO, MARPLOT & ALOHA systems."

"Love the Live Meeting program, very useful and very easy to use. Would love to see more "HOW-To's" by this method. All in all, great job."
Michael Bangerter
City of Saint Joseph MO Fire Department

"I liked the session. It was a good overview and refresher of the software."

"The session on CAMEO and Marplot was very useful. Sometimes people hesitate to upgrade, because it creates a new learning curve."
Ed Frambes
Hamilton County, OH LEPC

"It seems as if this summary was too brief. A list of topics that have changes would be helpful. I guess we need a "CAMEO Train the Trainer" opportunity to go into more detail."
Bradley Miller

"Thank you the information was very informative, especially since we are just starting to look at our Tier 2 submits through the Cameo. Have you ever done a session on Tier 2 Submit and electronic versus hard copy?"
Butch Renders
Richland Co. DES

"I think that the developments in MARPLOT, CAMEO and ALOHA are significant upgrades that will help OSCs perform their jobs better in the field. I was attending the webinar as a function of my job as a responder from another agency. I knew going in that the information would be more chemical-spill and hazardous materials based, which was its intent. I was only viewing to see whether there were any cross applicabilities of this technology for radiological response operations. I think that the answer is a firm "maybe" for local responders, but a definite "probably not" in the event of a federal response to a nuclear power accident or worse."
Eric Simpson

"I had to sign on many times before it worked, then it started working but the vidio froze up and had to log on again. The moderator was quiet and the instructors were loud so the volume had to be continualy adjusted."

"Great seminar with very timely and useful information. Thanks!"
Rob Littrell
Ada City-County Emergency Management

"I have been a CAMEO / ALOHA user since the very beginning and it is great to see that it continues to improve. Great session!!"
Kevin Farrell
Aberdeen Proving Ground EOC/EMA

"Great topic! Great tools!"

"First time user of Microsoft Live Meeting. Worked well and the presentation was excellent."
Hank DuPont
Overland Park Fire Department

"I will have to sit in the driver's seat and do a hands on to know the real value of this. All in all, it was informative and I'm sure they are useful tools for emergency management. As always thank you for this session."

" I agree with Bradley, a Train the Trainer would be helpful. It was a great session but I think that another hour of Q & A time would have been good."
Angie Mills

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Mr. Gattuso joined the EPA in 1975, developing information systems in a variety of areas, including wastewater discharge, hazardous waste, central facility index, and EPA administration. He was one of the primary authors of the original CAMEO® system (Computer-aided Management of Emergency Operations), and the MARPLOT® mapping system, both widely used in state and local governments. He was also the originator of the LandView® national environmental atlas, a joint CD/DVD publication of the EPA, Census, USGS, and NOAA.

Mr. Gattuso currently works in EPA’s Office of Emergency Management, where he concentrates on computer systems for emergency planning and response, as well as serving as the lead technical consultant on systems for Risk Management Planning (RMP), a series of computer systems to track chemical storage sites and their risk to surrounding communities.

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Mr. Miller joined the Emergency Response Division of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in 1988. He immediately became involved in the CAMEO (Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations) development, a joint program with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as NOAA's Program Manager. Since that time CAMEO has been provided to over 100,000 organizations in all fifty states and world-wide through the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). CAMEO is considered one of the most widely used chemical emergency response software in the world.