Personal Preparedness in America
Findings from the Citizen Corps National Surveys

Nicole Vincent
Communications and Research Analyst
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July 22, 2009

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"Interesting presentation. It confirms what we have known for years, and regretfully indicates that nothing has changed when it comes to the level of preparedness in America among families and individuals."
Rocky Lopes

"Had trouble initializing the program - probably because I learned of it late and it was my first installation, but it took about 10 minutes to log in. Had trouble hearing the speaker. Volume cranked up to full, but still faint."
Doug Frazier
CERT Dallas NE

"I do believe that this type of programing is very beneficial. Is there a way to download the slideshow so that we could possibly use some or all of them in community presentations?"
Rick Heers

"The results from the research was interesting but applicability to my field was limited."

"The information was well presented, but there was a lack of meat to the information (drill-down) or, more unfairly, any guidance on how to use this survey information to aid our own constituencies. Good topic nonetheless."

"The survey addressed some very timely issues. I do wish we could have gotten a better idea of how the results may be used. I thought Rocky Lopes' comment was right on point: it doesn't seem like much has changed in terms of public attitudes, in spite a lot of efforts to educate citizens about preparedness. So how will this survey information help change that?"
Mark Scott

"Showed the levels of participation. Showed participation in given areas. Need to emphasize disaster occurrences by region and planning to mitigate those disasters."
H. Davis Tubre
Aims First & Associates

"It is very useful to have the survey results longitudinally since 2003 to make general comparisons about preparedness. The Inclusive Preparedness Center is particularly interested in preparedness by people with disabilities and the organizations that provide services to them, and would like more attention devoted to gathering pertinent information in that area. But new approaches to improving preparedness for all Americans are obviously needed."
William Swenson
Inclusive Preparedness Center

"I found this forum to be more interesting than useful, but I'm glad I attended. As for the question - Are we overselling our response capability? YES. I believe FEMA was orginally a "recovery" organization, but was pushed into being proactive, thereby turning it into the present day prepare/respond/recover organization. Citizens now unconsciously expect government emergency management agencies will be there to provide anything and everything they need."
Rosanne Garrand
WA State Emergency Management

"Data shared was both informative and useful!"
Pat Hays-Moore
NM Dept. of Health

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Nicole Vincent has over eight years experience in community health planning and evaluation, health communication evaluation, social marketing and public health research. She supports government and private sector clients in the development of communication strategies and community training programs related to emergency and disaster preparedness.

She utilizes mixed-methods approaches in qualitative and quantitative research, using theoretical frameworks to guide research design and analysis to identify evidence-based project recommendations.

Ms Vincent leads multiple project tasks for the Citizen Corps Program Development and Support contract for the Community Preparedness Division of the Department of Homeland Security. Currently, she is managing a national household survey on individual disaster preparedness.