Cell Broadcast Technology for Public Alerts & Warning
The Central Wisconsin Model

Shayne Barr
Managing Director, CellCast Technologies

Paul E. Klein
Chief Operating Officer, CellCast Technologies

Gregory W. Selig
Chief Technology Officer, Sr. Director Operations and Engineering
Airadigm Communications/Einstein Wireless

October 28, 2009

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"This was my first introduction to cell broadcasting technology. It was very informative."

"Very interesting and useful technology."

"A nice balance between technology and policy."
Cesar Bandera
BanDeMar Networks

"Excellent topic. Great follow-on to the CMAS forum activities."
Henry D. Black
MD Emergency Management Agency

"Informative presentation. Seems like a viable notification technology."
Chip Wilson
Florida Division of Emergency Management

"Glad to hear of progress in this area! Interesting challenges to protect people as they are out and about. "
Bob Goldhammer

"Very difficult to hear. Had to increase the volume control which made the other computer sounds very loud and irritating."
Rich Vandame

"Thank you for doing this presentation. The volume of questions does indicate teh great interest in CMAS and for Interoperable Emergency Communcations solutions. You are both wonderful for doing this. Thanks again!"
Tom Fahy
Capitol GR

"Very innovative method for transmitting public alerts and warnings to all cell users within a geographic area. Would definitely like to obtain more information regarding this system."
Rhonda Grandi
Sierra County Health Department

"I was a first timer. Speakers were knowledgeable and there were good questions. I think it is useful to know of this technology but it is not a dramatic new use of technology, rather a further step forward."
Francisco Maldonado

"Good session. Well presented and clear. Encouraging as to what they plan to do. Now if they just can deliver on the promises."

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Shayne Barr has been involved with CellCast Technologies since 2007 initially in a management advisory capacity. In 2008, Shayne was appointed Managing Director. Over the past 27 years, Shayne has participated in the startup, acquisition and merger of numerous businesses. During that time, he has distinguished himself as a multifaceted, entrepreneurial executive with proven experience in developing, selling and supporting turnkey software and consulting solutions - primarily in the telecommunications industry. Shayne has detailed knowledge of a broad range of telecommunications related applications including AM/FM/GIS, Trouble Reporting, Plant, Service Order Processing, Toll Rating, Carrier Access Billing, End-user Billing, Financials, etc.

In addition to his work with CellCast, Shayne is the current president and CEO of TMC / StellarRAD Systems / GLA Network and he serves as a Director and co-founder of investment holding company GLA New Ventures (1998), an investor in CellCast Technologies. He has held executive-level positions with StellarRAD Systems, Everest Connections, GLA International, Graphic and Data Solutions, and Telcom Services, Inc. throughout his extended career.

Shayne is leading a team of developers and engineers working on Standards and Interoperability Solutions for CellCast. He led the CellCast team that successfully demonstrated interoperability communications for CMAS and the Aggregator Gateway Broker at the DHS Science & Technology Digital Alert and Warning Systems (DAWS) technology demo at the Joint Interoperability Test Command Center in Maryland in 2009. Additionally, his leadership brought CellCast to participate in the OASIS/DHS Interoperability Demo at the National NIEM Training Event and at the 2009 International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) annual conference.

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Paul E. Klein currently serves as Chief Operating Officer for CellCast Technologies. He has over three decades of experience advising both privately and publicly held companies in building market value by successfully transitioning to a culture promoting perpetuation, accountability and competency. Paul is a recognized presenter, facilitator, and advisor for companies and executives aspiring to succeed in the diverse and multi-cultural global or domestic marketplace. He is known for achieving improved performance, productivity, and profits through his work with executive and decision-making teams from a broad range of industries including and not limited to: medical/dental, food and beverage, accounting and law, security, banking, information technology, commercial real estate, and industry trade associations.

Management consulting expertise includes: evaluation of management; designing perpetuation systems; negotiations; capitalizing on organizational stages; restructuring; and creation of value-added strategies for a range of industries internationally. Paul is the founder and director of Authentic Enterprises, Inc, and the author of several books and manuals utilized by major corporations such as Miller Brewing Company and International Association of Exhibit Managers (IAEM) as well as human resource professionals.

He has served as Vice President for the Global Center for Leadership In Trust, an international non-profit foundation. He was the co-founder and program chair of the International Banking Information Technology Forum, in Basil, Switzerland, an exclusive symposium attended by chief executives from IT and Banking corporations as well as government regulatory and security leaders. He has also served as strategy advisor to Legal Insight, Inc., specializing in trial law consulting and market research.

Paul directs a team of international consultants that are expanding market opportunities for CellCast Technologies in several countries, as well as, coordinating marketing outreach for the North American marketplace.

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Greg Selig currently serves as Chief Technology Officer for Airadigm Communications/ Einstein Wireless. Greg has been responsible for Airadigm Communication's Operations and Engineering Department overseeing all network operations since Airadigm was started in 1996. Prior to that, Selig was an SS7 lead engineer and engineering manager for Global Crossing/Frontier Communication/Schneider Communications as well as a member of technical staff in first office deployments and intelligent networking for international switching with AT&T Bell Laboratories. Selig holds a MS and ABD in electrical engineering from Northwestern University with a BS in electrical engineering from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.