The Road Back
Long-Term Recovery From the 2008 Iowa Floods

David L. Miller
Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management Division

February 3, 2010

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"Great session and useful information."

"Great Webinar." Dante Gliniecki

"David was an amazing speaker. He provided a lot of excellent information."

"David did a great job and kept it interesting. Thanks."

"Great presentation."
Matt Charney

"Very well done."

"Well conducted and flowed well. Would have liked a little more time spent in Q&A - but that probably can't happen without a longer (i.e. 2-hr) session."
Bill Johnson
IEM, Inc.

"Excellent speaker. The slides were very interesting and enriched his presentation. Great statistics. Thanks!"
Joanne McGlown

"Outstanding presentation by David Miller. Very useful information."

"Good meeting. I did want to clarify the SBA position and the following is my question that did not have time to be answered:

'When you say we refused to divulge information, are you speaking of our decline and withdrawal of loan applications, and specifically, who we perfomed these actions on? SBA conforms to the Freedom of Information Act and cannot publically list or divulge those individuals or businnesses that were declined or withdrawn without a written statement from them."
Kevin Wynne

"Thanks for pointing out issues/lessons that certainly require much more discussion."

"Fantastic presentation by a very experienced emergency manager. I took three pages of notes that I will be referring to when I am working on long-term recovery planning. No doubt it was a very good hour spent out of my day!"
JoAnna Larsen
Utah County Sheriff's Office

"Learned a lot about long-term recovery. Could be applied as I support local officials who have to make decisions about rebuilding coastal areas devastated by storm damages. Ideas on safe rooms in public buildings new to me. Tornados hit everywhere - anywhere."

"Mr. Miller had a excellent grasp of the myriad recovery issues experienced in the state. I hope we never have a simliar event in the State of Michigan."
James R. Porcello
Michigan State Police, Emergency Management and Homeland Security

"While not impacted by the event since I made sure to review the FIRM maps and purchased a home FAR from a river, I was involved in response and recovery activities. It was good to hear the progress that is being made in my state to avoid repetitive events as much as possible. Good presentation; concise and informative!"
Bob Goldhammer

"This is the first time I have attended one of these sessions. I am a volunter with our state of PA VOAD. Have been involved with recovery efforts in PA, Missippi, and Iowa. I hear some of the same concerns and hope that they con continue to be addressed to help in future events."
Jerry J Lynn
PA VOAD Western Region

"I would have like the speaker to talk more about the issues of children in a disaster and how we can mitigate for these unique issues for future disasters. In addition, I like the issues presented with regards to are states prepared to meet the unmet needs of disaster victims that are not funded by IA or other disaster recovery fundng."
Milton Johnson
Westchester County, NY Office of Emergency Management

"Thank you, David. This was a most excellent presentation. So many questions. Not enough time to answer them. We will need a follow-up presentation on what happened in the recovery. What happened, what didn't happen, what should have happened and why or why not. Good luck!"
Isabel McCurdy

"Excellent topic and speaker, very helpful!"
Donovan Puffer

"Lessons Learned from an actual response are invaluable. Thanks for the opportunity!"

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In January 2007, Governor Chet Culver reappointed David Miller as the administrator of the Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management Division. Miller was originally appointed to the position in September 2004.

Miller has worked for the Division since August 1989. He began his service as the State's Enhanced 9-1-1 Coordinator and served in that capacity until August 1999. From August 1999 until he was appointed as the Division's administrator, he served as the Homeland Security and Emergency Management Division's (HSEMD) Chief of Staff. During his career, Miller has acted as special projects coordinator, the Division legislative liaison, and as a Division spokesperson. He has had primary responsibility for the development and publication of HSEMD's administrative rules and has been responsible for the coordination of the Division's strategic planning efforts. Miller has also been a member of the Iowa Emergency Response Commission since May 2003.

Miller has served as the Alternate State Coordinating Officer or the Alternate Governor's Authorized Representative in 17 presidentially declared disasters since 1990, including a major ice storm in 1992, the floods of 1993 and the tornadoes and flooding in 2008. He has also had experience in a number of state and local disaster declarations including the Terra Industries chemical plant explosion in Sergeant Bluff, Iowa in December 1994.

In 1974, Miller began his career in government as a dispatcher with the Iowa Department of Public Safety. He later became a criminal justice specialist with the Department before leaving in 1984 to take the position of Emergency Management Coordinator and 9-1-1 Director with Jackson County, Oregon. In 1986, he became the 9-1-1 Director for Missoula County, Montana, where he served until returning to Iowa in 1989.

Miller is an Iowa native and was born and raised in Sheldon, Iowa. Following high school, he served in the U.S. Navy as a radioman from December 1969 through December 1973. Miller is a 1979 graduate of Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He currently resides in Altoona, Iowa.

Miller is a past member of the Associated Public Safety Communications Officers, the National Emergency Number Association, the National Association of Nine-One-One Administrators, and has served as president of the State and Local Emergency Management Data Users Group. He also chaired the Governor's Communications Interoperability Task Force. Miller is currently a member of the National Emergency Management Association and the Iowa First Responder Advisory Committee.