Quadrennial Homeland Security Review (QHSR)
Mission 5: Ensuring Resilience to Disasters

Jason McNamara
Chief of Staff
Federal Emergency Management Agency

February 24, 2010

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17 (56%) Business 8 (27%)
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"Good updates."
Rita Egan

"Great discussion. Got on a little late, first time in the meeting space. Look forward to future events and discussion."
Dan Summers
Collier County EMA, Naples, FL

"Very beneficial session."
Camille Osterloh

"Great review of the QHSR and the changes being made to make local and state communities more reslient to disaster. As a student, it was beneficial to hear from Mr. McNamara and see what is happening on the frontlines of EM. Thanks for the opportunity."
Michael Walter
Texas A&M University

"Presenter gave good insights into the QHSR process. Definitely a shift in Paradigms taking place."
Hank Straub

"Thanks Jason for you integrity and comments. Good luck in the next catastrophic situation. I count a dozen prior CHIEFS of STAFF in the various orgs called FEMA todate."
William R. Cumming
The Vacation Lane Group, Inc.

"I enjoyed hearing Jason's talk. It was informative for the private sector. I would be interested in finding out more about how FEMA picks it private sector partners."
Suzanna Ryan Hall

"Good overview of current FEMA status/activity."
Dan Goodrich

"Good session. Speaker highly knowledgeable. Might be nice to have him come back in a year or when the next phase of the review is complete to give an update."
Bruce Binder

"Thanks So Much for taking the time for the presentation."

"Good presentation. Jason was very informative. I will be interested to see where the concept of "resilience" and mitigation flesh out.
Robert Kimmell
AZ Division of Emergency Management

"Very informative and encouraging."

"Great work as always."

"Very little information overall. No detail on how the conclusions of the report were reached and few if any examples. It would be nice to know some of the lessons learned from various disasters (natural and man-made) and how they fit into this report. I would've liked to hear some instances where FEMA felt a community, state, whatever, was resilient and met the immediate and long term needs during an emergency well, and where other locations may have utterly failed, and what is being done to work with those areas to help them prepare for the next incident. Thanks!"

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Jason McNamara currently serves as Chief of Staff of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. His career spans more than 15 years of staff-level and supervisory experience in emergency management legislation, policy, planning and operations, including eight years with FEMA, 1993 - 2001.

Before returning to FEMA, he served as an Associate Vice President and the Director of Emergency Management/Homeland Security for Dewberry & Davis LLC, an A&E consulting firm headquartered in Fairfax, VA. Prior to joining Dewberry, Mr. McNamara served as a Professional Staff Member for the U.S. House Select Committee on Homeland Security, leading the Democratic staff efforts for the Subcommittee on Emergency Preparedness and Response, and as an Assistant Vice President for Program Management at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), where he was the Deputy Division Manager for SAIC’s Readiness and Response Division.

Prior to joining SAIC in 2001, Mr. McNamara served as the Acting Chief of the Interagency and Catastrophic Planning Section at FEMA. In this role, he managed day-to-day Federal response planning activities with all Federal Response Plan signatory agencies, and implemented changes and additions to the Federal Response Plan. He also served as Operations Section Chief for Headquarters-based National Emergency Support Team in response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and as agency liaison officer to the U.S. Capitol Police Board in response to the Anthrax attack on the United States Senate.

Throughout his career at FEMA, Mr. McNamara participated in the planning, execution, and evaluation of FEMA sponsored disaster response exercises and actual emergency response operations. His field assignments included the Oklahoma City bombing (1995), Hurricane Opal (1995), the Northridge, CA Earthquake (1994), and numerous other floods and hurricanes.