Information Systems for Crisis Response
ISCRAM's Research Mission

Susanne Jul, Ph.D.
Vice Chair and Founding Board Member

Mark P. Haselkorn, Ph.D.
ISCRAM 2010 Conference Chair

International Association for the Study of Information Systems
for Crisis Response and Management

March 24, 2010

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"I'm interested in learning more about ISCRAM after listening to this presentation."

"Enjoyed the comment to the effect that no one believes what is being reported / said or no ground truth anywhere in the world. Illuminating comment."
SAW Concepts LLC

"Thrilled the information is publically available. Too often I do research to try to bring ideas out of study and into practice only to find I have to subscribe or pay a high fee for a document that may or may not have value. Impressed with what I have seen on the web site. Thanks for bringing them to the Forum."
Ron Kellis
IEM, Inc.

"I enjoyed the topics covered and am always excited to find new resources."
Andrew Brodie

"Excellent!!! It makes you think outside the box."
Dr. Jacqueline McBride
LPPI, Inc.

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Dr. Susanne Jul is current vice-chair and a founding board member of ISCRAM (International Association for the Study of Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management). As an independent researcher, she focuses on ways of operationalizing research: interpreting research results for practical application, and developing research methods from successful design and innovation practices. She is also president of Amaryllis Consulting, where many of her efforts help distributed teams and multi-institutional collaborations become effective in using participatory problem-solving and decision-making strategies. She is fascinated with concepts of leadership, management and collective decision-making, particularly in critical situations, and is an active volunteer with American Red Cross Disaster Services with whom she has deployed on numerous occasions including Hurricane Katrina. With a Ph.D. in computer science/human-computer interaction, her work is often entwined with design, adoption and use of information technology.

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Dr. Mark Haselkorn is Director of the Pacific Rim Visualization and Analytics Center, a DHS-funded regional center of excellence focused on enhancing distributed collaborative decision making. Dr. Haselkorn was founding chair of the Department of Technical Communication in the College of Engineering at the University of Washington and he also founded and directs the UW's Interdisciplinary Program in Humanitarian Relief, a cross-campus program of research and education that works closely with the international humanitarian sector. Dr. Haselkorn is working on an NSF initiative to define and mobilize the U.S. research community for the emerging frontier of "Humanitarian Service Science & Engineering." He has worked with the military on a number of projects, including the integration of DoD and VA electronic medical records and the Air Force's strategic management of ICT under the threat of Y2K (a study published by the National Research Council). He has conducted foundational research in the area of intelligent transportation systems and managed a series of projects totaling over $3M, including development of the first Web-based real-time traveler information system (Traffic Reporter, 1990). Dr. Haselkorn is the current President of the IEEE Professional Communication Society.