9/11 Drill Down For Safety
Safe America Foundation's 2010 Preparedness Campaign

Brit Weber
Executive Vice President, Homeland Security and Preparedness Programs

Bob Surrusco

Executive Vice President, Administration and General Manager

Safe America Foundation

July 14, 2010

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29 Ratings Submitted
3 (10%) Academia 5 (17%)
17 (59%) Business 5 (17%)
9 (31%) Government 14 (48%)
0 (0%) Volunteers 1 (4%)
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"Good way to do the seminar."
Jason Moulton

"Good presentation of the contents of the 9/11 Drill Down."

"These are always a great forum. I usually come away with a lot of great ideas. Thank you."
Talbot County DES
Michael Boldosser

"I will be following up and registering for Nat'l Preparedness Month activities."
Lt Ron Swartz
U of Alaska

"Nice and concise. Will you be emailing us the PowerPoint as handouts? It would be nice to have the PowerPoint prior to the webinar, so we can download and take notes."
Brenda Carlevato
[Note: We email the link to the slides when they are posted. Hint: You can use the print icon in Live Meeting to print your own copy of the slides during the program.--ajs]

"Thank you very much for conducting this Webinar and I am looking forward to the next one."
Michelle Hutchinson
The United States Corps of Chaplains

"Very good presentation. There are a few lessons that we are sure we can apply in our own area of disaster preparedness."
Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management, Trinidad and Tobago

"Very happy to hear about what Safe America is doing, I am hoping I can get my organization to commit to at least communicating about this year's program and perhaps having some type of workshop to help our staff and students create a preparedness kit."
Ed Gregory
DePaul University

"Thanks to the EMForum for putting this particular Webinar together for this month. It couldn't have come at a more appropriate time given that National Preparedness Month is less than 2 months away. The content and suggestions by Drill Down for Safety to encourage Family Emergency Preparedness were great ideas for my consideration in preparing for an activity here on Aberdeen Proving Ground in September. Many thanks and keep these coming!!"
Scot Freeman
Aberdeen Proving Ground

"I applaud the efforts of this organization but am disappointed that misinformation is being given. Federal, State and Local Emergency Management have worked hard to provide valid and accurate info to the public. Safe America is an expensive organization to join. There are already (our) tax dollars, in the form of grants, being utilized for this purpose."
Susan Sanderson
Sanderson Associates
[Note: There is no cost to participate in the "Drill Down for Safety" campaign.--ajs]

"Needed more time from the panel; it was just starting to get very informitive. Great start. These should be weekly, heading up to the international day of disaster preparedness. There are some other nonprofits internationally attempting to do the same. Also, only targting 1 million people, is too small a percentage of the total population. What do we do with the other high percentage of those without cell phones, such as myself? Looking forward to future discussions."
Steven Longmire

"My audio connection did not connect, so I viewed the slideshow, but couldn't hear the presentation or the answers to the questions. You should have a call-in number for those who are experiencing computer audio issues to participate in the meetings."
[Note: Please contact me at [email protected] so I can assist you with your audio connection.--ajs]

"This was a more general event other than to sign up for events."
H Davis Tubre
Aims First & Associates

"I would have liked more specific ideas of what others have done using exceptional "creativity" to promote preparedness in the past in a Word document format that could be shared with our volunteer coordinators to inspire them."

"I hope the participation in preparedneess will far exceed the expectations, this September. Thank you for hosting this. The guests are always informative."
Michael Farinacci

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Bri Weber recently joined Safe America as its Executive Vice President for Homeland Security and Preparedness Programs.

During the past five years at Michigan State University, Weber directed a Federally-funded, program focused on fostering public/private partnerships for joint crisis management.

His background includes service with the Michigan State Police, United Nation’s Law Enforcement in Kosovo, and Safety and Human Resources for the R.W. Mercer Company.

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Bob Surrusco is the Executive Vice President of Administration and General Manager for the Safe America Foundation with responsibilities including the Safe America Teen Driving Institute, national distribution of safety products, implementation of curriculum and development, management of training programs, and community liaison for law enforcement.

Bob has been with the Safe America Foundation for over nine years and has been involved in various safety and education programs developed for corporate and governmental partners. These programs included Safe Communities (NHTSA), Operation Baby Buckle, QuakeSmart, Safe Teen Georgia, Pandemic simulations and the inaugural Drill Down for Safety program.

Bob has over twenty years of corporate executive management experience and extensive experience in direct patient health care and disaster management training.