Private Sector Preparedness (PS-Prep)
Accreditation and Certification Program

Donald Byrne, CBCP, CDCP, CBRO-M
Lead Auditor
Adjunct Professor, Boston University

September 22, 2010

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Docket FEMA-2008-0017
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"Lots of info quickly, looking forward to the presentation material shortly."

"Good information, but probably too much for the time given."

"Very interesting. A lot of material to cover in a short time. It would be helpful to obtain the slides in handout form."

"Thanks Amy, Avagene and Don!"
Lloyd Bokman

"Comprehensive overview of PSPREP. Thanks."
Paul Anderson

"Thank you."
Bill Huffsteder
NKH LifeSafety

"We are privately held, but hopefully can make progress."

"I appreciate Don's updates to this developing 'voluntary' mandate (at least that's what it will be for my company)."
Steve Hauser

"Well done - provided a good overview of program elements and areas for further investigation. Thank you for offering this opportunity."

"Information the guest speaker provided is on the DHS PS-Prep site."

"I think the presentation could have been a little shorter by focusing on the relevant legislation and support features. This would allowed for more Q&A which was very valuable."
Al Berman

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The former CEO of several companies, Don Byrne brings an executive perspective to resiliency planning. A graduate of the U.S. Army Chemical and Biological Warfare School, Don has spent much of the past thirty years working in the fields of computer development, emergency management, business continuity, and operational resiliency. Don is an Adjunct Professor at Boston University where he teaches graduate programs in business continuity, risk and security.

A sought-after speaker at conferences, Don serves as a Director of several professional societies. Currently, he is the Association of Contingency Planners representative to the ANSI National Accreditation Board's Committee of Experts (ANAB-COE). Working under a contract with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) this group is charged with developing national standards and practices for the United States in the area of Business Continuity Management and advising the government on the PS-Prep program.

A Lead Auditor, Don is the Program Manager for Business Continuity at one of the largest certification firms in the U.S. He has participated in sanctioned audits of international standard British Standard 25999, Business Continuity Management, in both the US and Asia. Don is working with other interested parties and organizations to develop a small business continuity standard, a community resiliency benchmark tool, and personal preparedness guidelines.

An entrepreneur and former venture capitalist, he has helped launch several technology firms. Don is the founder and Managing Director of North River Solutions (NRS), a consulting, and research firm; and is CEO of Metrix411, a software company specializing in assessments and business benchmarking.

NRS has teamed with several insurance firms and leading educational organizations to develop specialized programs for various government, private sector, and non-profit institutions. Working with others, the firm has developed the Resiliency-1™ Index, a benchmarking tool that assesses an organization's level of preparedness across twelve operational areas. Similar assessment tools covering various ISO standards as well as supply chain concerns and the threat from natural hazards are in active development and will shortly be available from Metrix411.

Don is a contributing writer for the Domestic Preparedness Journal and the news website