"Formidable Footprint"
A Neighborhood Tabletop Exercise

Chris Floyd
Disaster Resistant Communities Group

December 8, 2010

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Dr. Jacqueline McBride

"Enjoyed Chris's presentation and would be willing to talk with him more about this."
Suzy Davidson
American Red Cross

"Excellent discription of how modeling and simulation is used to enhance pre-event preparedness. Involving people from the bottom-up is a great approach."

"Thanks for providing these. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year."
Ed McDonough
Maryland EMA

"Excellent presentation and great effort!"
Steve Ward

"Interested in designing my own tabletop exercise."
Lois Craven
American Red Cross

"Helpful information."

"Thank you, Chris and thanks to Amy and Avagene. Great job all!"
Lloyd Bokman
CEDAR Global

"A fine exercise for CERT participants, where good training is hard to get (and afford)."

Bob Davisson

"I enjoyed the introduction greatly and plan to join many of the exercises."
Joseph Parish
Delmarva Survival Training

"Very useful tool. Chris did a great job at explaining the utilization of the system and answering the questions. Definitely a system that will benefit communities for preparing for future disasters. Nice job!"

"I have not done a table top exercise as of yet. My class will particpate this week. So Thank You for preparing me."
Paula Guillory

"Sounds like an excellent tool for bringing non-typical participants together in a way that is time-efficient for peoples' locations and schedules."
Karen Yeargain
Crook County Health

"I have more questions that I will send to Chris Floyd. Had been hoping that these exercises were interactive among teams participating so we could offer services if needed, which would create an awareness of our 30 year old program. Suggestions welcome in that regard."
Judy Bezon

"ONX looks to be an excellent tool to help an organization 'create' and/or 'exercise' different emergencies that are appropriate for them."
John Archer
Brickshire CERT

"The EMForum is very useful for small jurisdictions with very limited resources. Thank-you."
Bonnie Ostertag
Judith Basin County Disaster & Emergency Services

"This was one of the best organized webinars I've participated in. Interesting materials/applications, great speaker & great coordinator. Interesting questions/good dialog - quite informative - thank you!"
Ray Murphy

"I look forward to the next time."
Kayla Partridge

"I missed a portion & will need to read transcript. Interesting possible application for CERT or US Coast Guard Aux or Regional Catastrophic Planning Team or Pet Safe Coalition or Noah's Wish (animal rescue)."
Shelley Lee Johnson
NYC Metro Chapter ACP

"Thanks a bunch. I see a real opportunities."

"Interesting program. We will participate in future exercises. A handout giving a schedule of upcoming exercises would be a good addition to the printable page list."
Doug Frazier
CERT Dallas Northeast

"The focus seemed to be to get volunteer teams to participate independently. At no point was there any encouragement to get teams to coordinate their participatment through the emergency management or other public safety agency the volunteers are responsible to (i.e., the organization they volunteer for)."

"It was a great tool for Planning and Preparedness. It is my first time to attend the Forum and I found it very beneficial. Great presentation!"
Luis Matnog
American Red Cross

"We are new to your organization and your programs. It appears that the Formidable Footprint Series for 2011 is something we want to take advantage of. My understanding is it is geared to 'neighborhood response' groups such as CERT, local EMAs etc. So, we will promote FF to our local group (Northern York Emergency Task Force made up of 7 local EMAs). We assume you do custom work. We are curious about costs for this sort of service."
Tim Hildebrand
Dillsburg EMA

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Chris Floyd is currently the principal of the Disaster Resistant Community Group. Chris has over 31 years of experience providing disaster planning and preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation activities with the American Red Cross. For the 18 years Chris served in a variety of disaster positions within the Florida Capital Area Chapter of the American Red Cross the last being as its Chief Operations Officer.

As a certified instructor for the American Red Cross, Mr Floyd has prepared and delivered hundreds of Disaster Services training courses designed to prepare thousands of volunteers to assist their community when a disaster strikes. By establishing a set of disaster planning and preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation expectations, Mr Floyd's management of the Capital Area Chapter led it to become a leader within the American Red Cross structure.

Upon Leaving the American Red Cross Chris joined the team at the Center for Disaster Risk Policy at Florida State University where he managed several statewide disaster exercises and was responsible for the design and launch of the National Special Needs Registry. In the winter of 2009, Chris left the Center for Disaster Risk Policy to launch the Disaster Resistant Communities Group. The mission of DRCG is to assist local governments in becoming Disaster Resistant.

The Disaster Resistant Communities Group has created a powerful internet application known as the ON-line eXercise (ONX) System to assist in the development, facilitation and evaluation of tabletop exercises that are compliant with Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) guidelines.