Mass Shootings: Planning and Response
Public Safety Awareness Course

August Vernon
Instructor, Author, Operations Officer
Office of Emergency Management
Forsyth County, North Carolina

January 27, 2011

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May 2009 Program Background Page

55 Ratings Submitted
14 (25%) Academia 15 (27%)
32 (59%) Business 5 (9%)
9 (16%) Government 21 (38%)
0 (0%) Volunteers 7 (13%)
0 (0%) Other 7 (13%)

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"I think Vernon did a wonderful job in explain the problem regarding mass shooting. To me, the information was very helpful."
Tamara Olicoeur

"The presentation was very well presented and the information was paced and communicated effectively! I was able to glean excellent informaiton from the visual and presentation aspects of the webinar!"
Allen Portman
City of Houston OEM

"Good presentation, valuable information and references to start from in beginning to develop an active shooter program."
Bob Davisson
Benton County (MO) EMA

"Please repeat this kind of webinar."
Metropolitan College

"This forum was very informative. As a former college administrator, I understand the importance of facility security, especially when that facility is located on the 11th floor of a 30 story building that has lax security that could easily be penetrated therein affecting the college population. I have the same concerns for my company, which is similarly located. I haven't been able to find much information on such facilities. Perhaps there are other forums you can recommend?"
Bibi S Leslie
MCNY, '11, MPA in EDM

"The program was a very good introduction to the complex problem of active shooters."

"This was excellent. The Mr. Vernon is obviously very knowledgeable and produced a concise informative presentation. I think it will be very useful in my work setting. I will certainly forward the transcript onto appropriate individuals in my own response agency. Thanks for putting on this program!"
Jim Fazackerley
San Francisco Fire Dept - EMS

"Outstanding topic, presentation, and presentor! Thanks for all you do. Also, not sure this is in your mission statement, but there is a NIMS Training Plan Draft for Comments (comments are due February 22, 2011). Any chance on a presentation from the team in charge of editing this document?"
R Littrell
Ada City-County Emergency Management

"This was a clear and concise planing and response information presentation on what to do in the event of a shooting incident."

"Lots of good basic information that was easy to understand. Thanks."
Jac Desrosiers
Washtenaw Comm College

"Interesting, Informative, and Educational."
Mike Mucheck
Marshall County WV OEM

"Excellent presentation! We are planning an Active Shooter conference/TTX event in San Diego on June 23/34 2011 sponsored by the FBI/DHS Joint Critical Infrastructure Partnership and this material was a great lead-in to our planning efforts."
Bruce Churchill
San Diego InfraGard

"Good presentation; Q&A session was very valuable."
Steven Kaufman
Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit

"August Vernon provided a good overview of a situation that continues to be on the increase in the country, and the informatino provided is applicable to public and private alike. Excellent forum!"
Ricky Shellenbarger
Sedgwick County Emergency Management

"For first time viewers, we both enjoyed the presentation. Thank You."
George Farland
City of Arcola, Texas

"I found the presentation to be very knowledgeble. Though it was brief, the topics touched upon were extremely well researched and the presenter was very knowledgeble. Thank you."
Alex Pitel
MCNY Student

"Very good summary of things to keep in mind since higher ed institutions are all unique. Thanks."
Chad Wolters
Hope College

"August has good info... but the active shooter topic benefits from more focus on various audiences - academic, private-sector, NGO, post-secondary schools, primary schools - the incidents unfold differently. Way to go August!"

"Very informative, thank you."
Earl Totten
Camden Clark Memorial Hospital

"Good presentation."

"Very insightful with extremely good information."
Wade Smith
Champion Technology Services

"Excellent program, excellent speaker. Thank you."
Michael Farinacci

"This was excellent information. Thanks so much!"
Georgetta Richie
Catholic Health Initiatives

"I will contact speaker in the future."
Jim Hammill
Monmouth University

"AWESOME!!! Keep up the good and great work."
Dr. Jacqueline McBride

"Excellent presentation."

"Great presentation, very informative."
Jeff Hescock

"Good content. Was not able to listen while attending the live meeting (problem of unknown origin, though likely on my end)."
Patrick Sheehan
Ohio Emergency Management Agency

"It was great until I could not hear anything."

"Very interesting despite the shortcomings of both the medium and time frame."
ayne Spivak
USCG Auxiliary

"Very important information to consider. I read the transcript on Tuesday and watched the incident that occurred on Wednesday at Placerville School, CA."

"Would like to see more of the same type of presentations."
Davina Nolten
Franciscan Health System

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August Vernon is currently the Operations Officer for the Forsyth County, North Carolina Office of Emergency Management. August returned to his position at Emergency Management after a year in Iraq as a security contractor conducting long-range convoy security operations involved in several IED and combative engagements. Mr. Vernon has been employed in Emergency Management for ten years and also served as a member of the fire service and a fire service instructor. He also served in the U.S. Army as a CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) Operations Specialist.

Mr. Vernon teaches courses in Incident Management, Emergency Management, Mass Violence and Terrorism/WMD Planning-Response. He also provides specialized emergency services planning and training on critical incidents at the local, regional, state and federal level. August is a writer and member of the IFSTA WMD/Terrorism Committee. Since 2004 he has served as technical reviewer for the development of six different training films produced by the Emergency Film Group. He has also written over 30 nationally published articles and is also author of the new First Responders Critical Incident Field Guide published by Red Hat Publishing.