FEMA Listening Sessions
Strengthening Community Engagement in Preparedness
and Resilience Efforts

Paulette Aniskoff
Director, Individual and Community Preparedness Division
National Preparedness Directorate, FEMA/DHS

February 23, 2011

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28 Ratings Submitted
4 (14%) Academia 3 (11%)
11 (39%) Business 5 (18%)
9 (32%) Government 8 (28%)
3 (11%) Volunteers 7 (25%)
1 (4%) Other 5 (18%)

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"Very helpful information."

"I most appreciated the answers provided to questions and specific information on FEMA's plans for rolling out things in the future."

"Very interesting information. Great to hear about new initiatives like this; to stay current in the field. Thanks."
Wayne Svoboda
Volunteer Partners

"Recent sessions by Aniskoff and Lumpkins have been very effective in sharing with us subjects on which FEMA is focused."
Dale Shipley

"Excellent topic and is extremely pertinent in moving the U.S. disaster readiness to a higher level through community-based engagement and leadership, especially considering all disasters are local and need to be managed by the locals initially."
Marla Kendig

"Excellent and informative. Alternatives for grassroots organizations' involvement, outside of Citizen Corps or Certs is appreciated, i.e. modular training with Urban League, Churches, etc."
Dr. Jacqueline McBride

"It would be helpful in the future if the presenter actually discussed what each of the points on the slide actually mean in 'real' language."

"Was interested in finding out how we can start our community (CERT) program and thought this may be a good listening session. This was excellent and I really appreciate it. Keep up the good work! Thank you."
Debbie O'Neil
Duckwater Shoshone Tribe

"The medium of the program is better suited for presentation rather than discussion. The information presented was helpful but the Q&A session did not promote a discussion."

"I'd like to the hear the summary of the discussions - what people have to say around the country. I also think that a toolkit to hold discussions locally would be a terrific asset!"

"As a first time user to Live Meeting, it was a little confusing to access the slides."
Kathleen Conley
Medical Reserve Corps, Western Massachusetts

"Will there be specialized personnel operating this activity for FEMA?"
William R. Cumming
Vacation Lane Group

"Specifics on upcoming discussions would be helpful: when, where, who is participating. Thanks!"

"Good information. Timely and relevant. Hope we can help support Paulette's efforts!"
Susan Sanderson
Sanderson Associates

"Very informative and timely presentation."
Ric Skinner
The Stoneybrook Group LLC

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In 2010, Paulette Aniskoff was appointed the Director of Individual and Community Preparedness at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). In this capacity, Ms. Aniskoff works to prepare communities for disaster through public training, youth disaster education and volunteer service across the nation. The division is home to the Citizen Corps and CERT Programs.

Prior to serving at FEMA Paulette was the Director of Priority Placement at the White House where she worked on the political appointments team placing new leadership throughout the Executive Branch. Paulette has a decade of experience in mobilizing individuals, community engagement and development in eight states for President Obama’s campaign as well as U.S. Senators, U.S. Representatives, Philanthropists, and issue advocacy.