"Nation-to-Nation" Tribal Relationship-Building
in FEMA Region 7

Scott Weinberg
Tribal Liaison, FEMA Region 7

Rebecca White
Chairwoman, Ponca Tribe of Nebraska

July 27, 2011

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Ponca Tribe of Nebraska

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"I thought it was a great opportunity. I found the comments of Becci White about the Ponca Tribe to be very interesting."

"Confirms issues that I too am hearing from our Tribal members in Oklahoma."
Timara Timmens
FEMA Region VI Tribal Liaison-DR 1989-OK

"Interesting material although I'm not sure it completely addressed the topic of relationship building between Tribes and the US government so much as it explained a few roadblocks or common issues that might get in the way of forming a mutually beneficial relationship. Not much was said about how to get around the roadblocks and acknowledge each Tribe as a specific entity unto itself while trying to create and enforce policy that really considers Tribes as homogenous entities."
Emily Sauls

"Great brief and targeted webinar. Speakers were well versed and presented clearly, and I appreciated the "personal touch" provided by the Tribal representative that put some historic perspective on the current state of her Tribe. Questions were answered succinctly and effectively."
Chris Little
Booz Allen Hamilton

"I got on late due to a prior arrangement but I really would like to be on the "List" of invitees for all future forums as I am extremely interested in how I can assist the Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo Tigua Nation as I am now their new Fire Chief and any help and information will be vital. Thank You!"
Ralph Johnson
Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo

"I was generally aware of everything that was discussed but I thought it would be important to attend and demostrate my support to FEMA's nation-to-nation policy. Thanks."
P. Mooney
FEMA Region 1

"Great presentations. Very informative about tribes and how they and the Government are working together."

"I appreciate the increased activities in Tribal relations and emergency management, and the support from Craig Fugate."

"Thank you for the presentation."
Wendy Stevens

"Useful. Insightful. Thanks for doing this!"

"Great presentation, very insightful. Thanks."

"'...the inherent sovereignty of the tribes. This inherent sovereignty is backed up by year and layers of legal precedents over the years, decades, centuries.' -- The United Nations of Turtle Island cites corporate law dating to 1670 (as an example from the peanut gallery)."
Steven McGee
SAW Concepts LLC

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Scott Weinberg serves as Tribal Liaison for FEMA Region 7 located in Kansas City, Missouri. He previously served as a Project Officer with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Office of Refugee Resettlement. Prior to that, he served as a Special Assistant in the Office of Human Services Emergency Preparedness and Response and held other positions with DHHS.

During 2005-2006, he served as a County Supervisor for Warren County, Virginia. He attended the University of Victoria in British Columbia and CAtholic University of America in Washington D.C.

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Becci White is the Chairwoman of the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska. She is also the Site Producer at TEK Industries. Previously, she was the President of PEDCO (Ponca Economic Development Corporation) and Project Director for the PEDCO Community Development Financial Institute/Uniform Commercial Code.

Becci has a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Wayne State College in Wayne, NE; a Master of Arts in Management from Bellevue University in Bellevue, NE; and a Master of Business Administration from Bellevue University in Bellevue, NE. She is a member of the Nebraska Indian Commission, the National Congress of American Indians, the Great Plains Tribal Chairman's Health Board, the Native American Indian Education Achievement Council for Omaha Public Schools, and the FEMA National Advisory Council.

Becci resides in Bennington, NE (a suburb of Omaha, NE) with her husband, John, and their three children.