Connecting People, Tools, & Resources to Support Crisis Response

Heather Blanchard
Co-founder, CrisisCommons

Pascal Schuback

Program Coordinator, King County Office of Emergency Management

August 10, 2011

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21 Ratings Submitted
3 (14%) Academia 1 (5%)
10 (48%) Business 5 (24%)
5 (24%) Government 8 (38%)
3 (14%) Volunteers 6 (28%)
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"Slightly useful, not because of content but that I was constantly being taken away. I would like to review a transcript or revisit a recording to hear in its interity. "
John Wallace

"Nice presentation, very informative."
G Smith

"Generally useful - I am located on the west coast (California). Thanks for the opportunity. I have asked to put my staff email group on your list for future course offers and will hope to sign in to the next one on Aug 24."
Francesca Austin

"Must mitigate my 'moderately useful' rating by saying I and two colleagues came into this meeting a full half hour late, ho hum. Will check out transcript and recording of the whole, and furthermore tune into the CC website, thanks."
Mark Clemens
Washington State Emergency Management

"Useful information for looking for future opportunities for the NWS. Thanks!"
Herb White

"Great information. Am looking forward to the evolution of this concept. Appears to have a lot of potential to positively impact response to emergencies of all scales."
Jenny Latour
American Red Cross

"Great presentation."
Camille Osterloh

"Heard most of this before, and the vague answers to the questions dind't help much. I wish the CC people had more visuals and examples."

"Good overview. Thanks."
Chris Saeger

"Interested in the Situational Awareness app / viewer.. informative -- thank you."
Steven McGee
SAW Concepts LLC

"Great ideas and great work, obviously, but it's nothing I can 'reach out and touch.' I'd like to be able to see what they do. Thanks!"

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Heather Blanchard has worked for the private sector, government and academia for 16 years. She has testified before the U.S Congress and provided insights to the European Commission advocating for inclusion and sharing the benefits of participatory communities and open data.

Heather is a co founder with Andrew Turner and Noel Dickover of CrisisCommons and the barcamp series, CrisisCamp which advocates for including of volunteer technology communities, open data and emerging technologies to innovate crisis management and global development. She supported the community to attract a $1.2M investment by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars for CrisisCommons.

Heather has been a public servant in government supporting engagement and policy development in crisis communications and management, cyber security and intellectual property. While in the private sector Heather helped foster and lead an award-winning corporate social responsibility program.

Heather received her Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Radford University. She participated in Harvard University’s Leading in a Crisis program and Oxford University’s Comparative Law and Policy’s Summer Institute on Global Media and Technology Policy. She also has shared her ideas with USA Today, BBC and Wall Street Journal.

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Pascal Schuback is Emergency Management Program Coordinator for King County, Washington Office of Emergency Management, with responsibility for supporting technical operations and systems in the King County Emergency Coordination Center (ECC). Pascal previously worked in Oregon with several emergency management agencies in the Portland / Multnomah County area. He has degrees in Public Health and Public Administration, and is active in several groups dedicated to developing innovative, resilient emergency management programs, in both the public and private sectors, throughout the Northwest.