Holistic Approach Needed
for Disaster Resiliency, Economic Sustainability and Public Safety

Robert C. Wible
Principal, Robert Wible and Associates
FIATECH Streamlining Project Manager

September 28, 2011

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"Interesting to hear what the U.S. is doing. We have similar issues in Canada."
Lynn Orstad

"Excellent ideas, but wish there were specific action steps we could move forward to assist in advocacy for resilience."
Emily Myer
Florida Division of Emergency Management

"Very, very interesting."
Karen Reichensperger

"Thanks for hosting these events via Live Meeting. This is an effective way to get information out to a larger audience at one time."
Walt Polley

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Robert C. Wible is the principal of Robert Wible and Associates and the founder and is currently the Project Manager of the Alliance for Building Regulatory Reform in the Digital Age at FIATECH (the FIATECH Streamlining Project). The Alliance is a public-private partnership comprised of 40 national associations and government agencies. The Alliance was formed in July, 2001 to assist state and local governments in enhancing economic competitiveness, disaster resiliency and public safety by promoting more effective and efficient administration and enforcement of building codes and standards. Over the past ten years for the Alliance, Robert Wible has written and produced a number of technical materials, model enabling legislation, model procurement requirements, and produced several Guides designed to promote regulatory streamlining and effective uses of information technology in the building regulatory process.

As the principal of Robert Wible and Associates, which Mr. Wible founded in 2006, Robert Wible has assisted individual state and local governments with identifying areas in need of regulatory streamlining and disaster resiliency, building stakeholder/jurisdiction streamlining teams, and identifying and applying information technology to appropriate aspects of their building codes and standards regulatory processes. This work has included consulting with jurisdictions to identify programs and processes in need of streamlining and applying IT, identifying and supplying innovative practices and technologies, testifying before legislative bodies on the need for streamlining and IT, and guiding procurement processes.

Recent clients of Robert Wible & Associates have included: Fairfax County, Virginia; the U.S. Department of Energy; U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development ; the States of California Office of Emergency Services; Louisiana State Uniform Construction Code Council; and Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, Building Codes Division. Funded under a U.S. Department of Homeland Security grant, the State of California project included the successful demonstrations in August and November, 2008 of interoperability of remote field inspection technology to conduct damage assessment reports. The State of California Emergency Management Agency is considering building a statewide network using this system during 2010-2011.

In 2007, McGraw-Hill Company released Mr. Wible's latest publication a book entitled, "Architectural Security Codes and Guidelines: Best Practices for Today's Construction Challenges." In addition to looking at construction in the post 9-ll environment, this new publication includes a look at the nation's building regulatory system in the year 2025.

In December, 2010, Engineering News Record named Robert Wible as one of ENR's "Top 25 News Makers of 2010."