U.S. Emergency Management
Looking Back to Look Forward

Claire B. Rubin
President, Claire B. Rubin & Associates

December 14, 2011

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"Good rollup of emergency management and good discussion on new EM degrees being offered. Looking forward to reading her book when published. With the issue of EM degrees and experience, is there any consideration for EM certification other than IAEM/CEM's current requirements that you could receive certification for contributions related to your work in EM that is in your job description. This certification would recognize the experience and contributions to advance EM within their jurisdiction and the preparedness of their communities."
Anson Kimura

"Very good forum. I look forward to others in the future."
Jesse Spearo
Palm Beach County Division of Emergency Management

"Great job, Claire! Thanks again Avagene and Amy for the wonderful job that you do and thank you for the Christmas present. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you."
Lloyd Bokman
CEDAR Global

"Claire is that voice in the wilderness that must remain strong. Her clarion call for reason and remembrance helps keep the profession on a logic driven course."
Rick Tobin
TAO Emergency Management Consulting

"Presented a much-needed context, and candid discussion of the role of emergency management, and challenges ahead."

"Excellent, frank and very informative presentation and discussion of issues. Thank you so much for inviting Claire Rubin to speak. Happy Holidays!."
Peg Blechman
Access Board

"A useful review of the long terms lessons learned and trends in the field of emergency management."
Chris Saeger

"As always, Claire was great."
Ed McDonough
Maryland EMA

"Very informative."

"The information gave me new insight for programs and groups I am now working with. Though much of the information was not new to me, the presentation and discussion helped me to 'regroup' and reestablish my thoughts for training directions; also training for myself. What a great advantage at the beginning of a new year. I have now checked out several of the web sites mentioned and am looking forward to reading, as well as looking more closely at defined needs. Thank you so much for providing the EMforum and making it easy to access."

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Claire B. Rubin, President, Claire B. Rubin & Associates, is a social scientist with extensive experience in public administration and emergency management. As a consultant, she has worked for many organizations -- private, non-profit and governmental -- over the past 32 years. Her work includes basic and applied research; the development and presentation of training programs; and the creation and operation of various information dissemination and utilization projects.

Since 1998, Ms. Rubin has been affiliated as a research scientist with the Institute for Crisis, Disaster, and Risk Management at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Presently she is a Visiting Research Scholar. Her most recent publications are listed on Selected Works at Bepress.

Ms. Rubin holds a Bachelor's degree in government from Simmons College and an M.A. in political science from Boston University. She has authored about 80 publications, including textbook readers, chapters, articles, handbooks, and other documents on hazards/disasters and homeland security topics.