March 4, 1998 Special Presentation

by Richard (Ryc) Lyden

Senior Planner
State of Minnesota Emergency Management

Minnesota Response Activity Matrix (MnRAM)


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Minnesota Division of Emergency Management
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EIIP Virtual Library Online Presentation
Wednesday - March 4, 1998 - 12:00 Noon (EST)

"State of Minnesota Response Activity Matrix (MnRAM)"

Special Presentation
Richard (Ryc) Lyden
Senior Planner for Minnesota Division of Emergency Management

EIIP Virtual Library Moderator - Avagene Moore

The EIIP Virtual Library hosted Richard (Ryc) Lyden, Senior Planner for Minnesota Division of Emergency Management, for a presentation of "State of Minnesota Response Activity Matrix (MnRAM)". Ryc's session illustrated how innovative approaches by knowlegeable, creative practitioners can result in very successful solutions to problems. The matrix was developed based on after action reports of actual disasters to fill State agency needs. According to Ryc, his agency found they needed to match agency response with actual disaster conditions that allow agencies to determine their actions based on phase and functions.

After successfully using the matrix, Minnesota adopted the MnRAM (Minnesota Response Activity Matrix) as the standard for all planning and response activities at the state level. Agency pay off is seen in early discussions, assignments and planning among agencies. Counties and cities in Minnesota are also considering how they can utilize this system. Using the MnRAM brings more planning, more responses, more communication. The Minnesota Division of Emergency Management believes using the MnRAM will also mean less consequences. Other States are showing interest in the MnRAM to possibly meet some of their own state's planning and response needs.

Ryc Lyden's presentation was well prepared and practiced; slides that illustrated the matrix were an effective part of the session. His intimate knowledge of and belief in his subject were apparent and held his audience's attention. The audience of twenty-six responded to the presentation with a good number of questions.

The edited transcript of the March 4 Virtual Library session is available in the Virtual Library; the unedited version is located in the Virtual Forum Archives.


Senior Planner
Minnesota Division of Emergency Management

Richard (Ryc) Lyden has been a Senior Planner with the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Division of Emergency Management (DEM) and Emergency Response Commission (ERC) for over five years.

His previous experience includes: EMS (Private/USAF), Hazardous Materials (MnERC), Radiological Protection (DEM), Fire/Fire Rescue, Disaster response and recovery (ARC/Mn DEM), Search & Rescue (USAF, Civil Air Patrol), and Environmental Response Team (USAF).

He has been a member of the American Red Cross and Civil Air Patrol, as well as St. Louis Co., Mn. Radiological Response Officer.

Ryc Lyden
[email protected]

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