March 11, 1998 Special Presentation

by Amy Sebring

Emergency Information Specialist
City of Corpus Christi, Texas

Using ArcExplorer (freeware)
to Display FEMA Q3 Flood Data


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ESRI's ArcExplorer
FEMA Q3 Flood Data Page
ESRI's How to Use Q3 Data with ArcView


EIIP Virtual Classroom Online Presentation

"Using ArcExplorer to Display FEMA Q3 Flood Data"

Special Presentation
Amy Sebring
City of Corpus Christi Emergency Management Office

EIIP Virtual Library Online Moderator - Avagene Moore

This session was an experiment in using the medium of live chat to conduct a class for the purpose of demonstrating how to do something. ArcExplorer is a GIS viewer, distributed free of charge by ESRI and is available for download from their website. FEMA Q3 flood data has been distributed on CD ROM to flood plain managers across the country and should already be available to the local emergency manager. A conversion utility is needed to translate from ArcInfo export format, in which the data is provided by FEMA, to a PC ArcInfo coverage, readable by ArcExplorer. The import utility is available from a USGS website.

Amy provided the links to obtain the software, demonstrated the conversion, and used screen shots of the ArcExplorer software to show how to set up the data so that it is readily understood and usable. The HTML file above includes the steps necessary, and live links to the resources and screen shots.

Lessons Learned: Had this been an actual class, instead of a demonstration, Amy would have used the entire hour to include additional material, and would have taken questions during the course of the hour to provide clarification to "students" as needed.


Emergency Information Specialist
City of Corpus Christi, Texas

Amy Sebring is an Emergency Information Specialist with the City of Corpus Christi, Texas' Emergency Management Office. She has conducted a number of special information projects, including the creation of city intranet emergency management pages, used to deliver real-time emergency information to city employees, and designed and conducted a local "Virtual Exercise" with Continuity of Government objectives during a statewide annual hurricane exercise.

This year, she has focused on the development of a NOAA Weather Radio awareness campaign in cooperation with the local NWS office, and is about to embark on the development of a local, multi-agency information network.

Amy is a member of national, state and local professional associations, and has served as Vice President of the Coastal Bend Emergency Management Association for two years. In addition, she has devoted considerable volunteer time to the development of the EIIP Virtual Forum over the past year.

Amy Sebring
[email protected]

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