May 27, 1998 Special Presentation

by James Bowen

CoordTek Inc.

SitRep2200 (formerly Apex-M)
Real-time Team Status and Coordination System


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EIIP Tech Arena Online Presentation
Wednesday, May 27, 1998 - 12:00 Noon EDT


James Bowen
CoordTek, Inc.

EIIP Tech Arena Moderator: Amy Sebring

The May 27, 1998 Technology Arena presentation featured James Bowen of CoordTek, Inc. who introduced the technology of SitRep2200. James opened his session by stating that the Virtual Forum is an example of a wave of technology that is hitting the emergency management/disaster recovery field. He emphasized that technology will revolutionize our ability to stay on top of realtime events, communicate effectively and act more expediently to optimize disaster response.

SitRep2200 combines concepts from several fields such as military command and control, planning, and emergency/disaster management and provides required information in terms of tasks to complete and status of tasks. The SitTrep2200 system consists of four main packages: a Plan Editor, a Situation Management Centre, a Training/Message Centre, and a Command Post Console. The product is new to the market with the original concepts being purchased by the military.

James Bowen very effectively presented SitTrep2200 with text and slides. His announcement of an upcoming 2-user version of the software was of interest to the Tech Arena audience. The 2.0 beta version should be available mid-June on the SitRep2200 web site


CoordTek Inc.

James Bowen has many years of experience in developing software solutions for customers and a keen understanding of customer needs for high quality products and services.

He has many years of experience in a variety of technology fields such as artificial intelligence, real-time multi-user, multi-tasking systems and software development standards with 30 published technical papers. He has an understanding of a wide variety of concepts including emergency management, military command and control, and planning.

James has served as a Sessional Lecturer at the local university. He is involved in the local community and is currently a Ph.D. candidate.

James Bowen
CoordTek Inc.
Suite 300, 19 Fairmont Ave.
Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 1X4
Voice: (613) 722-3008
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