July 29, 1998 Special Presentation

John O'Connor
National Communication Systems (NCS)


Rodney Volz
SETA Corporation



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ERLink Demo Site


EIIP Tech Arena Online Presentation
Wednesday - July 29, 1998 - 12:00 Noon EDT

ERLlink: Emergency Response Link

John O'Connor
Engineer with the National Communication System (NCS)

Rodney Volz
Senior Consultant with SETA Corporation

EIIP Tech Arena Moderators:
Avagene Moore and Chip Hines

John O'Connor, Engineer with the National Communication System (NCS) and Rodney Volz, Senior Consultant with SETA Corporation, shared information about Emergency Response Link (ERLink) in the Virtual Forum Tech Arena on July 29, 1998. ERLink is provided by the Office of the Manager, National Communications System (OMNCS) for exclusive use by the Emergency Response community. It supports the Federal Response Plan (FRP), as well as State and local agencies responding to natural disasters and other domestic emergencies. ERLink is a controlled access Web site providing the response community with a means of sharing information regarding response activities. ERLink users are primarily from Federal, State, and local Governments, Police and Fire Service, Private/charitable organizations, i.e., Red Cross. See the following URL to apply for an account online (http://www.erlink.com).


Electrical Engineer
National Communication System (NCS)

John O'Connor is an electrical engineer for the National Communications System in their Programs shop. He joined the NCS after graduating Virginia Tech in 1990. During his eight years at the NCS, work has included policy, oversight, and management of the Commercial Satellite Interconnectivity program, mobile satellite program, and the NCS homepage.

Currently, he is the program manager for the Emergency Response Link program. Emergency
Response Link (ERLink) is an initiative to utilize World Wide Web technology to enhance the information sharing capability of the emergency management community at the Federal, regional, and state level.

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Senior Consultant
SETA Corporation

Rodney Volz is a senior consultant for the SETA Corporation, providing technical leadership and support to the National Communications System. Mr. Volz has more than 11 years experience transforming business environments through unique business and process management techniques and enterprise systems implementation efforts. He has architected and designed new business and organization structures, corporate-level service delivery processes, customer-care support processes, strategic information systems plans, requirements management processes, performance improvement action plans, performance measurement frameworks and systems, and user enterprise technical infrastructure and application-level systems.

Mr. Volz was the author of the Bell Atlantic Lan/Wan/PC Network Architecture Systems Plan, with potential impact on more than six-thousand users. Most recently, he was the author of Bell Atlantic's Infrastructure Provisioning Defect Reduction Program, and a co-author of Bell Atlantic's Corporate Business Process Book. Mr. Volz holds a bachelors degree in Aerospace Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration focusing on strategic IT management.

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