A Very Special Event in the Virtual Forum
August 5, 1998

An Online Birthday Party!!
One Year Anniversary of the EIIP Virtual Forum


Opening Remarks
Message from Philippe Boullé, IDNDR
Recognition of Participants
Virtual Champagne
Birthday Toasts
Virtual Birthday Cake
Grand Finale


Online Transcript
Download Transcript (MS Word File)
Champagne, Cake, Fireworks

About Philippe Boullé
Presenter Hall of Fame

Director, IDNDR Secretariat
(International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction)

Philippe L. Boullé holds a degree from the "Institut d'Etudes Politiques" de Paris, the "Faculté de Droit et des Sciences Economiques de Paris" and the "Faculté de Gestion et d'Economie Appliquée de Paris". Before joining the United Nations in 1980, he was Secretary-General, Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Manager, Head Office, Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd. After occupying positions in the United Nations Capital Development
Fund (UNCDF) and in the Office of the Director-General of the United Nations Office for Development and International Economic Cooperation, he became the Director of the New York Office of the Disaster Relief Co-ordinator (UNDRO). He was also the Acting Director of the Division for the General Assembly Affairs of the United Nations (1989-1990).

In 1990, Mr. Boullé was stationed in Jordan where he co-ordinated the United Nations efforts for repatriation of third country nationals having crossed over from Iraq and Kuwait. In 1992, Mr. Boullé became the Chief of the Geneva based Information Management and External Relations Branch of the Department of Humanitarian Affairs. He acts as Officer-in-Charge of the Geneva Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs OCHA (formerly DHA) in the absence of its Director. Since June 1997, Mr. Boullé is the Director of the IDNDR Secretariat (International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction).

Mr. Boullé holds Mauritian and French citizenship.

* * * *


The EIIP could not have had such a successful year without the contribution of time and effort donated by the individuals listed below. For almost every one of them, this was a new, and hopefully enjoyable, experience and took a willingness to master an unfamiliar skill.

We are most grateful for their efforts, and have mailed them a Certificate of Appreciation (hard copy, real stamp). Our many thanks.


1. John Copenhaver, Director, FEMA Region IV
2. John C. Pine, Associate Professor, LSU
3. Georgia Sales, INFO Line of Los Angeles, NERIN
4. Leon Shaifer, EMAC, Deputy Director Mississippi EMA
5. Dr. Herbert Lin, National Research Council
6. Dr. Peter Ward, USGS, GDIN
7. Lois Clark McCoy, NI/USR, XII Project
8. Dr. Russell Coile, Pacific Grove CA
9. Donald P. Schwert, North Dakota State University
10. Dave Biondi, EAS-I
11. Kelly DiMartnino, City of Ft Collins, CO
12. Julie Evans, City of Ft Collins, CO
13. Chuck Hagan, American Red Cross
14. Kirk Lively
15. Richard A Drutman
16. Donald S Skupsky
17. Vernon Martell, PRISM
18. Pat Moore, Strohl Systems
19. Frederick Krimgold, Virginia Tech
20. Rachel McFarland, State Farm
21. Gary Kerney, PCS/American Insurance Services Group, Inc.
22. Lacy E. Suiter, FEMA R&R Directorate
23. Jim Loomis, State of Florida Division of EM
24. Janet Dilling, CEM, TEAM Simulations, Inc.
25. Robert Scott, Intergraph
26. Dennis Hickethier, FEMA EMI
27. Dr. Sue Metlin, University of Tennesee
28. Richard Muth, Fire Fighter - Baltimore
29. Michele Hoopes, Digital Systems International Corp
30. William Black, EM Technology
31. Mark Wood, Disaster Relief Communications
32. Dr. George Buck, St Petersburg Junior College, FL
33. Albert Slap, Geo Sphere Response System
34. Richard Lyden, Minnesota DEM
35. Amy Sebring, Corpus Christi EMO
36. Kevin Farrell, Aberdeen Proving Grounds FD
37. Ken Baechel, Community Alert Network
38. Philip Schneider, National Institute of Building Sciences
39. Claire Rubin, Claire Rubin & Associates
40. Rita Ossolinski, Communications Director of ICMA
41. Rick Tobin, TAO Services, CA OES
42. Darryl Parker, TFT, Inc
43. Gary Wilson, Associate Director, FRTUMC
44. Bruce Peringer, Director, FRTUMC
45. Burt Wallrich, INFO Line of Los Angeles, NERIN
46. Steve Charvat, IAEM Immediate Past President, Phoenix AZ EMA
47. Tim Murphy, South Carolina Emergency Preparedness Division
48. Lloyd Bokman, Ohio EMA, NFPA 1600
49. Myra Lee, Oregon State Director EMA
50. Chris Brown, Oregon CSEPP Manager
51. Sue Schneider, New York SEMO, Joint Loss Reduction Partnership Project
52. Stan McKinney, NEMA President, State Director, South Carolina EPD

53. Randall Duncan, IAEM President
54. Diana McClure, Showcase Communities, IBHS
55. Michael Armstrong, Executive Associate Director, FEMA Mitigation Directorate
56. Larry Deetzen, City Manager, Deerfield Beach FL
57. Paul Thompson, Sr Vice President, Merchants & Marine Bank, Pascagoula MS
58. Terri Miller, NFIP State Coordinator (AZ), ASFPM Chair
59. Brain Iserman, for Jonathan Fuller, JE Fuller Hydrology
60. Burrell Montz, Professor of Geography, Binghamton University
61. Robert Durrin, NFIP Specialist, FEMA Region IV
62. Preston Cook, SALEMDUG Secretary
63. Craig Fulton, State of Florida Division of EM
64. Addison Slayton, State Director (retired), VA DES
65. Mark Pennington, VA DES, SALEMDUG
66. Merrily Powell, Essential Technologies
67. Walter Green, VA Health Dept
68. Cecil Whaley, TEMA
69. Rebecca Bundon, TN AARP
70. Jan Weaver, University of North Texas
71. Pamela Piering, Director, Aging and Disability Services Seattle WA
72. Eileen Murphy, Senior Services, Seattle WA
73. Kay C. Goss, CEM, Executive Associate Director, FEMA Preparedness Directorate
74. Robert Fletcher, FEMA, Sr Advisor to the Director, Emergency Management Stds
75. James Opoka, FEMA Region V
76. Chris Coudriet, North Carolina EMA
77. Dr. Louise Comfort, IISIS Project, University of Pittsburgh
78. Dr. Wayne Blanchard, FEMA EMI
79. Shari Coffin, Editor, IAEM Newsletter
80. Daryl Spiewak, CEM, Brazos Co EMA
81. Gilberto Guevaro, ARC Puerto Rico
82. Harvey Ryland, President/CEO, Institute for Business & Home Safety
83. Armand Mascelli, American Red Cross, Washington DC
84. Joanne McGlown, University of Alabama - Birmingham
85. James Bowen, Coordtek, Inc
86. Elaine Enarson, Visiting Scholar, British Columbia
87. Millie Workman, BEPC, Mueller Industries
88. Bryan Norcross, Meteorologist, WFOR, Miami FL
89. Elaine Sexton, Director, Hall County (GA) EMA/911
90. Mary Anne Lyle, FEMA Region IV
91. Jan Zastrow, Hawaii Center of Excellence
92. Troy Armstrong, CA OES
93. Jon Juette, DOE HAMMER facility
94. Carole Eiben, FEMA EMI EENET
95. Bruce Marshall, FEMA EMI EENET
96. Dr. Kirsten Dow, University of South Carolina
97. Thomas Rice, Public Safety Director, City of Columbus, OH
98. J. R. Thomas, Director, Franklin County (OH) EMA
99. Andrew K. Miller, Director, Portage County (OH) EMA
100. Dr. Annemarie Scarisbrick-Hauser, University of Akron
101. Lee Smith, State of Georgia EMA
102. Philippe Boulle, Director, UN International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR)
103. Chip Hines, Preparedness Division, FEMA
104. Pat West, National Fire and Rescue Magazine
105. Monty Gearhart, WCES

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