August 19, 1998 Special Presentation

by Mark Fuerst

Project Manager
Carley Corporation

FEMA's Decision Making Skills
for Public Officials Training CDs


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About Carley Corporation
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"Decision Making Skills for Public Officials
During a Hazardous Materials Incident"
CD-ROM Series

Mark Fuerst
Project Manager, Carley Corporation

Carley Corporation's sole business is training, especially utilizing multi-media. The company has grown from five employees, to a workforce of over sixty. Most work is performed in-house, and staff includes behavioral and research psychologists, media experts, graphic artists, programmers, and instructional designers.

Mark recently demonstrated the CD-ROM series, "Decision Making Skills for Public Officials During a Hazardous Materials Incident," at the Technology Conference at Argonne National Laboratory, to enthusiastic response. The 6 disk set, created for FEMA EMI, teaches Public Officials how to make decisions during Hazardous Materials incidents using all the information presented to them at the time of the incident.

Information inputs are simulated by video vignettes, memos, documents and publications, computer resources, phone calls, 2-way radio messages, personal logs, status boards, maps, and opinions from Emergency Operations Center (EOC) staff members. The scenario is a train derailment in Central City. Background information includes maps of the city's infrastructure, and an emergency operations plan.

Disks are included for Mayor/City Manager, Fire Chief, Police Chief, EMS Coordinator, Emergency Manager, Public Works Director. Once the play begins, a limited amount of time is given to collect information and select an answer to a problem. The answer is then scored based on points given based on safety, legal, political, and financial considerations.


Carley Corporation is a woman-owned small business whose mission is to maximize performance in the work place through effective training. We specialize in providing consulting services and product development for companies who express a need for effective multimedia training applications. Our staff of professionals includes instructional designers, research psychologists, programmers, graphic artists, and media experts who have an average of seven years experience in the multimedia training development field.

We base our design decisions on sound instructional design principles. Our courses are designed to achieve task mastery, and all contain validated test items to ensure that mastery. Our extensive expertise in designing highly effective training covers a wide range of products including conventional training materials and highly interactive CD-ROM multimedia presentations. Carley Corporation is proud of its integrated team environment where we employ the most modern advances in technology, and implement rigid quality control standards resulting in minimum revisions and reduced development time.

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Project Manager
Carley Corporation

Mark G. Fuerst is a Project Manager at Carley Corporation. He has over twenty years experience in the design and development of multimedia training applications, as well as videotape and film presentations. He is currently managing eight programs for the Navy that involve training sailors in chemical, biological, and radiological defense (CBR-D), accounting, Reserve units, material maintenance and management (3-M), and damage control. The programs are a combination of CBT and videotape presentations.

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