October 28, 1998 Special Presentation

by Jeff Lorrain and Kelly Carmichael

Law Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc.

Risk Management Planning (RMP) Overview


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EIIP Tech Arena Online Presentation

Risk Management Planning Overview

Jeff Lorrain
Law Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc.

Kelly Carmichael
Law Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc.

EIIP Tech Arena Moderator: Avagene Moore

Special guests in the EIIP Technology Arena were Jeff Lorrain and Kelly Carmichael, Law Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc.

The session was conducted as an interview with formal questions going to Jeff Lorrain. Jeff used slides that were shown as URLs to cover the history of the RMP and the regulation's purpose of ensuring facilities that use large quantities of certain hazardous materials take appropriate actions to protect the community surrounding the facility. The discussion included facilities impacted by the RMP Rule, list of compounds and thresholds found in EPA's Risk Management Planning Page, program requirements, relationship between RMP, SARA Title III and LEPCs, and how/why the RMP Rule involves state and local governments.


Mr. Lorrain is a Senior Scientist in the Environmental, Health and Safety Department at LAWGIBB's National Technical Center. He has over nineteen years of experience providing environmental consulting services to industrial, commercial and governmental clients on a broad range of issues. Through working with many regulatory agencies on projects addressing each environmental media, Mr. Lorrain has a solid working knowledge of RCRA, CWA, CAA, EPCRA, TSCA, FIFRA, NEPA and their application to industrial and commercial facilities.

His experience includes environmental compliance/ management system auditing; environmental management system support/development; environmental impacts identification/mapping; and Pollution Prevention/Waste Minimization/Process Optimization consulting.

Mr. Lorrain has provided a wide range of regulatory compliance support services to commercial, industrial and governmental clients. He has led in numerous Environmental Compliance Audits/Management Systems as well as preparing plans, reports, and permit applications.

Mr. Lorrain has notable experience in conducting comprehensive multiple facility audits for commercial clients. Audit findings have led to numerous practical recommendations for actions and controls throughout the client's organization.

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Mr. Carmichael joined the Chicago Branch of LAW in July 1996. He was previously employed at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as a research engineer developing innovative control technologies. His current responsibilities at LAW include air quality related projects in the iron and steel industry.

Mr. Carmichael's particular areas of technical experience include air emission source evaluations, inventories, banking/offsetting, reporting and database development. His regulatory experience includes assisting the Indiana Department of Environmental Management in rule development, rule guidance development (USEPA), construction and operating permit strategy development and application preparation, permit negotiation and final permit implication evaluation. Compliance experience includes facility and process compliance review, source non-compliance resolution and compliance assurance implementation.

Mr. Carmichael has demonstrated Law's objective to lead the environmental field through multiple presentations and publications of unique concepts in the air quality field. He has also developed innovative techniques to capture, recover and reduce emissions using both site and non-site specific techniques.

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