March 17, 1999 Panel Discussion

Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HGMP)


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Buck Katt

Destin Frost
Melva Fast
Ken Eftink


Amy Sebring

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EIIP Virtual Forum Panel Discussion
Wednesday - March 17, 1999 - 12:00 Noon EST

State of Missouri
Hazard Mitigation Grant Program

Featured Panelists

Buck Katt, Deputy Director
Missouri Emergency Management Agency

Destin Frost, State Hazard Mitigation Officer
Missouri Emergency Management Agency

Melva Fast, Grant Coordinator
City of Jefferson City, Missouri

Ken Eftink, Development Services Coordinator
Cape Girardeau, Missouri

The EIIP Panel room featured a discussion on the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program to wrap up the Mitigation Quarter in the Virtual Forum. Representatives from the state of Missouri shared their experiences as result of major flooding experienced in their state and communities. The panel was an interview style presentation with a Q&A session with the audience.

The State representatives covered background or history of the HMGP. The discussion included the purpose/objectives of the program, who and types of projects eligible, as well as how funding is shared between federal, state, and local interests under the HMGP.

Local government representatives shared first-hand details of their community experiences with the application process, buyout programs and other positive benefits of the HMGP to their citizenry.


Principal Assistant
State Emergency Management Agency
State of Missouri

Mr. Katt currently serves as the Designated Principal Assistant, State Emergency Management Agency. Primary responsibilities include the 1993 flood assistance and the extensive "buyout" program along with floodplain management coordinator for the State. He has held previous management positions with the State of Missouri since retiring from the U.S. Army after a 30-year career. His education includes the U.S. Army War College, the Army Command and General Staff College, B.S. in Business Administration and a Master of Science in Public Administration.

* * * *


State Hazard Mitigation Officer
State of Missouri

Destin Frost is the State Hazard Mitigation Officer for the State of Missouri. Soon after the Great Flood of 1993, Destin joined the State Emergency Management Agency helping to manage the State's massive flood buyout program. Her successful endeavors with this program resulted in being chosen as the State's first Hazard Mitigation Officer. She manages the State's Flood Mitigation Assistance and Disaster Resistant Community programs as well as coordinating hazard mitigation efforts within SEMA. She also serves as liaison for mitigation efforts within other State and federal agencies. She is endeavoring to carry-out hazard mitigation activities that will make the next disaster event as uneventful as possible. Ms. Frost actively serves on several national hazard mitigation committees and assists the Federal Emergency Management Agency in preparing policy and training materials. A childhood resident of Missouri, she is a graduate of the University of Missouri - Columbia with a bachelor of science degree in accounting.

* * * *


Grants and Special Projects Coordinator
City of Jefferson, Missouri

Melva Fast is the Grants and Special Projects Coordinator for the City of Jefferson. She has worked five years for the City and administers all of its major grant projects. She assists all city departments with grant applications as well as working on special projects related to property acquisition, property management or multi-departmental facilities. Ms. Fast administered the Flood Buyout Program for the City from 1994-96. A total of 162 properties were acquired; property was cleared and converted to public recreational or airport use.

* * * *


Development Services Coordinator
City of Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Ken Eftink is the Development Services Coordinator for the City of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Ken is directly responsible for managing a variety of city services to include: floodplain management, stormwater management, housing assistance, acquisition of properties, administration of state and federal grants, and issuing development applications and permits.

Ken has been with the city for over nine years and has special interest in implementing activities that will reduce the effects of a disaster event. Following the Flood of 1995, Ken was instrumental in carrying out the city's largest residential buyout program. With over $3 million in local, state, federal and not-for-profit funds, over 100 families were moved out of harm's way.

Prior to his service with the city, Ken worked with Cape Girardeau County to develop base maps for a statewide reassessment project for tax purposes. A lifelong resident of southeast Missouri, Ken is a graduate of Southeast Missouri State University with a bachelor of science degree in industrial technology. Ken is a member of Rotary International, Missouri Floodplain Manager's Association and the American Planning Association.

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