July 28, 1999 Tech Arena Presentation

by Julio "Rick" Murphy

Manager, PSWN
Co-chair, Federal Law Enforcement Wireless Users Group
Department of the Treasurey

The Public Safety Wireless Network


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"The Public Safety Wireless Network"

Rick Murphy
Program Manager

PSWN The Public Safety Wireless Network (PSWN) Program, a jointly sponsored endeavor between the Department of Justice and the Department of the Treasury, was created in 1996 through Vice President Al Gore's National Partnership for Reinventing Government. Its vision is a seamless, coordinated, and integrated public safety communications for the safe, effective, and efficient protection of life and property, shared with public safety organizations including local, state, and federal agencies whose missions encompass the protection of life and property.

Specifically, the program attempts to improve the coordination of public safety wireless communications, foster actions for adequate radio frequency spectrum for public safety agencies, support the development of technical standards for public safety wireless communications systems, promote the inclusion of security measures in public safety wireless communications systems, identify alternative funding mechanisms for local, state, and federal public safety agencies to improve their wireless communications systems.


Public Safety Wireless Network

Rick Murphy graduated as an Electronics Engineer in 1976 majoring in telecommunications. After graduation he began his career with the Department of the Interior. He served the Department of the Interior for 23 years. His most recent assignment with Interior was as Telecommunications Specialist. He served as their Radio Program Manager and represented the Interior on the Inter-department Radio Advisory Committee (IRAC), the Federal Law Enforcement Wireless Users Group (FLEWUG), the Public Safety Wireless Network (PSWN), and numerous policy and technical subcommittees under the National Telecommunications and Information Administration's (NTIA) umbrella.

Now working for the Department of the Treasury, Rick serves as the PSWN manager and the co-chair of the FLEWUG.

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