August 11th, 1999 Hazard Series Presentation

by James McGinty, Jr.

Protection Planning

Managing Bomb Threat Critical Incidents


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EIIP Classroom Online Presentation
Wednesday - August 11, 1999 - 12:00 Noon EDT

Bomb Threat Management

Jim McGinty
Protection Planning

The Virtual Classroom featured Jim McGinty, President of Protection Planning and Chairman of the Police Officers Tactical Operations Association. Jim is an expert in the field with years of experience; his expertise was called upon in the investigation of the World Trade Center and the Oklahoma City bombings.

Jim's presentation stressed that bomb threats are a way of life for the business community. Points made dealt with the need for a plan or policy about bomb threat management; his discussion, applicable to public and private concerns, covered considerations to be addressed in planning:
· The threat itself --- how it is received, evaluated, etc.;
· Searching, finding, and liability;
· Explosion/detonation and reactive measures; and
· Proper training and proper reaction to incidents.


Protection Planning

James McGinty Jr., President of Protection Planning, is a 24 year veteran of the Philadelphia Police force, Lieutenant Commander retired. Jim's expertise spans from patrol service to investigation, retiring as the commander of the fifth largest bomb squad in the country. A recognized speaker on Critical Incident Management and Bomb Threat Assessment, Jim is a graduate of Northwestern University School of Police and Command, Penn State Police management school and the FBI Ordnance training center at Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville,
Alabama. Additionally, Jim is a certified hazardous device technician, a licensed blaster in the state of Pennsylvania and is also a member of the International Society of Explosive Engineers and the American Society of Industrial Security. Jim's skills were called upon to help investigate both the World Trade Center and Oklahoma City bombings.

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