A Very Special Event in the Virtual Forum
August 18, 1999

An Online Birthday Party!!
Two Year Anniversary of the EIIP Virtual Forum


Opening Remarks
Messages from
Dennis S. Mileti, Natural Hazards Center
Kay Goss, FEMA Preparedness Directorate
Lacy Suiter, FEMA Response & Recovery Directorate

Recognition of 98-99 Participants

Party Games


Online Transcript
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Birthday Invitation

Birthday Cards
Presenter Hall of Fame
Friends of EIIP

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EIIP Special Event
Wednesday - August 18, 1999 - 12:00 Noon EDT

The EIIP Virtual Forum
Second Anniversary / Birthday Party

Special Messages

Denis Mileti
University of Colorado

Kay Goss
Associate Director Preparedness Directorate

Lacy Suiter
Associate Director Response and Recovery Directorate

Senator Fred D. Thompson

EIIP Moderators
Avagene Moore & Amy Sebring

The EIIP Virtual Forum celebrated its second anniversary of online interaction and live chats with a special online event. Birthday cards and well wishes from supporters were shared via the Forum Web site. Expressions of appreciation were extended to the paid staff, interns, Partners, and speakers for the year. Party participants were asked to pledge their participation for the coming year and all presenters and participants were commended for bravely attempting and conquering this means of communications.

To begin the third year in the Virtual Forum, messages were shared with the audience from Dennis Mileti, Kay Goss, Lacy Suiter, and Senator Fred Thompson. After the good information and kind words by the speakers, Amy Sebring led the party-goers in a number of games related to the large number of acronyms used in the emergency management business. The second anniversary/birthday party of the EIIP Virtual Forum was both informative and fun.


The EIIP could not have had such a successful year without the contribution of time and effort donated by the individuals listed below. For almost every one of them, this was a new, and hopefully enjoyable, experience and took a willingness to master an unfamiliar skill. We are most grateful for their efforts. Our many thanks.EIIP

1. Edward Addy
2. Stephen Apatow
3. Steve Austin
4. Pedro Bastidos
5. Tim Bearden
6. Dee Beaugez
7. Stephen Bender
8. Bradford Billet
9. Neil Blais
10. Lloyd Bokman
11. Philippe Boullé (2)
12. David Butler
13. Timothy Campbell
14. Kelly Carmichael
15. Adele Chiesa
16. Stuart Claggett, GETS
17. John Cline
18. Russell Coile, PhD, CEM
19. Preston Cook, AEM (2)
20. John Cormack
21. David Crews
22. Oliver Davidson
23. Catherine de la Fe
24. Larry Deetjen
25. Rich Dieffenbach
26. Janet Dilling
27. Martha Ditmeyer
28. Frank Dobek
29. Renee Domingo
30. Randall Duncan
31. Robert Dykes
32. Ken Eftink
33. Jim Farley
34. Kevin Farrell
35. Melva Fast
36. Bob Fletcher
37. Leo Frishberg
38. Destin Frost
39. Mark Fuerst
40. Monty Gearhart
41. Zachary Goldfarb
42. Mary Goodkind
43. Kay Goss, CEM
44. David Graham
45. Walter Green (2)
46. Gilberto Guevaro
47. Jack Harrald, PhD
48. Louis Hecht
49. Dennis Hickethier
50. Paul Hoff
51. Kenneth Honig
52. Dave Jones
53. Kellye Junchaya
54. Dan Kaniewski
55. Buck Katt
56. Anita Kellogg, CEM
57. Sherry Kenyon
58. Butch Kinerney
59. Cam King
60. Fred Krimgold
61. Dean Larson
62. John Laye
63. Myra Lee

64. Judith Leraas Cook
65. Jack Long
66. Jim Loomis
67. Rocky Lopes
68. Jeff Lorrain
69. Frank Lucier
70. Ryc Lyden
71. Carole Macko
72. Phyllis Mann (3)
73. Steve Marks
74. Isabel McCurdy
75. Bruce McDonald
76. Jim McGinty
77. Lance McKee
78. Dan McKeel, PSBA
79. Michel Milot
80. Helena Molin Valdes (2)
81. Pat Moore
82. Jimmy Moore
83. Avagene Moore
84. Rick Murphy
85. Diane Newman
86. Jan Nickerson
87. Ken Olson
88. Ken Patterson, Dir NTM
89. Mike Penner
90. Dewey Perks
91. Scot Phelps
92. Roger Pielke, Jr (2)
93. John Pine
94. Merrily Powell
95. Rick Ranous
96. Katherine Reilly (2)
97. William Reynolds, CEM
98. Thomas Roche
99. Mary Ann Rollans
100. Dimitri Rotow
101. Claire Rubin
102. Erno Sajo
103. George Sambataro
104. Thomas Schmidlin
105. Priscilla Scruggs, FEMA
106. Amy Sebring
107. Butch Smith
108. Dennis Sullivan
109. Ralph Swisher
110. Dorothy Tao
111. Bill Timmer
112. Eric Tolbert
113. Judy Valentine
114. Tricia Wachtendorf
115. Burt Wallrich
116. Gary Webb, Ph.D (2)
117. Pat West
118. Mark Whitney
119. Donald Wilhite, PhD
120. Ann Willis
121. Jennifer Wilson
122. Frances Winslow
123. Brent Woodworth
124. Walter Wright, CEM
125. Maria Younker


The EIIP thanks those who have made a commitment of continuing support by making a pledge. We are about 1/3 the way toward our goal of 100 pledges. We need to know this service is valued by those for whom it is intended, and we are grateful to all of our friends. -- EIIP

Randall Duncan
Nicole Appel
A K Miller
Kevin Farrell
Allen Jakobitz
Jack Long
Anna Day
Kenneth L. Patterson, Sr.
Roger Hovis
Dennis Hickethier
Cam King
Terry Storer
Gilbert Gibbs
Marilyn Braun
David Crews
Russell Coile

Billy Zwerschke
Cissy Bonuz
Tim Murphy
Steven D. Arnold
Tom McAllister
Libbi Rucker-Reed
Barbara Sims
David Wolfe
J. R. Thomas
John Pine
David Johnson
Mark Pittman
Jamie Galloway
Joseph Donaldson
Neil Blais
Dean Larson

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