August 25, 1999 Tech Arena Presentation

by Judy D. Jaeger

Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA)

Database Application for People with Special Needs


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Database Application for People With Special Needs

Judy Jaeger
Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA)

In response to requests from coastal emergency managers, the Georgia Emergency Management Agency undertook a project to develop a database to track people with special needs, so that local emergency managers could identify these needs, and include them in emergency plans. A task force, including representatives from Emergency Management, Emergency Medical Services, Public Health, Home Health Care, medical facilities and the Department of Family and Children Services participated in the development.

The database is a Lotus Notes application, which is made available to counties via a state government Intranet. Local, referring agencies and public health departments may be involved in the initial interview and data collection process. Approximately a dozen counties are currently implementing the system, and users were involved in the test and design of the system.

Among features of the system are an intuitive interface, easy portability of the data to other database formats, including integration with GIS systems, drop-down definitions of five pre-defined levels of need, and a reminder screen pertaining to the confidentiality of the information.


Georgia Emergency Management Agency

Judy Jaeger is a native of the Atlanta, Georgia area. She earned her degrees in Advertising/ Public Relations and Mass Communications from the University of Georgia. After working various jobs in public television, radio, advertising and marketing, she came to work with the State of Georgia in 1993.

During the first four years, Judy worked as Public Information Coordinator for a grant-funded program within the Department of Human Resources' (DHR) Division of Public Health. Judy served as a member of DHR's Emergency Management Response Team during Georgia's floods in 1994 and the Olympic Summer Games of 1996.

In 1997, she joined the staff of Georgia Emergency Management Agency as a Planner, working directly with 63 of Georgia's 159 counties. She has helped revise the Local Emergency Operations Plan for counties and the Georgia Emergency Operations Plan, and she served as Chair of the Special Needs Task Force 1997-98.

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