September 1, 1999 Library Presentation

by Claire B. Rubin
Claire B. Rubin & Associates

Disaster Time Line
Selected Milestone Events and Outcomes (1965-2000)


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About Claire Rubin
Disaster Time Line
Claire B. Rubin & Associates


EIIP Virtual Online Library Presentation
Wednesday - September 1, 1999 - 12:00 Noon EDT

Disaster Time Line:
Selected Events and Outcomes (1965-2000)

Claire B. Rubin
Claire B. Rubin & Associates

EIIP Moderator: Amy Sebring

The EIIP Virtual Library presentation featured EIIP Partner, Claire Rubin, President of Claire B. Rubin & Associates, a disaster research and consulting firm in Arlington, Virginia, and a Professorial Lecturer at The George Washington University, Institute for Crisis, Disaster and Risk Management. Claire had the lead role in preparing the content of the project shared with the Virtual Forum audience, the Disaster Time Line: Selected Events and Outcomes (1965-2000). Claire was assisted by Ms. Irmak R. Tanali, Research Associate, Doctoral Candidate, GWU Institute. Irmak had the lead role in displaying relationships and in creating the computer-generated graphics.

The new Disaster Time Line provides a unique, graphic depiction of major disasters, both natural and technological, that have affected emergency management policies in the US. The focus is on the national level. Using colorful computer graphics, the Disaster Time Line (roughly 18" x 38") provides a snapshot of major disaster events that are considered major milestones; and it shows outcomes in terms of legislative, regulatory, and organizational changes.Future revisions and enhancements are planned. This chart can be used as a teaching or briefing tool, and will ship during September, 1999.


Claire B. Rubin & Associates

Ms. Rubin is a social scientist who is an independent consultant in the field of emergency management. She heads her own firm, Claire B. Rubin & Associates, in Arlington, VA. She has worked for many organizations -- private, non-profit and governmental -- during the past 20 years that she has been a consultant. Her work includes basic and applied research; the development and conduct of training programs; and the creation and operation of various information dissemination and utilization efforts regarding natural hazards and disasters. From 1993 to present, she has been a consultant to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Office. Other recent clients include ICF Kaiser, the National Academy of Public Administration, the University of Massachusetts, The George Washington University, Dept. of Engineering, and Innovative Emergency Management, Inc.

Ms. Rubin was recently appointed Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Institute for Crisis, Disaster, and Risk Management at The George Washington University. From l983-1990, Ms. Rubin was a Research Scientist at The George Washington University, Center for International Science and Technology Policy and Director of Natural Disaster Research Projects.

Ms. Rubin holds a Bachelor's degree from Simmons College and an M.A. from Boston University, in Political Science. She has authored numerous publications, including a book, chapters in textbooks, articles, handbooks, monographs and reports on hazards and disasters. In addition, she has given many lectures and talks on emergency management topics.

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