October 6, 1999 Library Presentation

Gerard J. Hoetmer

Executive Director
Public Entity Risk Institute (PERI)

PERI Internet Symposium
Dealing with Disaster
October 4-8, 1999


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Public Entity Risk Institute's Internet Symposium
Oct. 4 - 8, 1999

Gerry Hoetmer
Executive Director
Public Entity Risk Institute (PERI)

EIIP Moderator: Amy Sebring

An interview style format was used during this session to elicit information about the goals and strategy of the Public Entity Risk Institute (PERI), and it's first online symposium being held the week of October 4-8, 1999. An introductory paper, and four other brief papers on the themes of mitigation, ripple effect of disaster, ARC activities for mitigation, and implications of insurance policy were to be posted, and participants provided the opportunity to comment via a bulletin board style messaging system. The hope was that the papers presented, as well as the discussions, would stimulate further investigation and and focus community efforts in improving land use and zoning, etc. The papers were to remain posted for future use.

Executive Director
Public Entity Risk Institute

Gerry Hoetmer was appointed Executive Director of the Public Entity Risk Institute in
May 1997. Prior to joining PERI, Hoetmer created, directed, and managed numerous
programs for the International City/County Management Association, Washington, D.C.,
for 19 years.

Since March 1988, he was Assistant Executive Director and Director of Research and Development. He oversaw a 25-member department that managed ICMA's fire, police, housing and community, environmental, and local government information technology
programs; the Performance Measurement, Base Closure, and Utility Consortiums; and local government planning projects. He led the establishment of ICMA's Center for Performance Measurement and the Government Services Television Network.

For six years he was Director of Public Safety Programs for ICMA. He developed, directed, and authored the research project, Assessing Local Government Emergency Management Needs and Priorities. He conceived and led the development of a training course, City and County Manager and Emergency Program Manager Disaster Preparedness, which is a standing course offered at the Emergency Management Institute, National Emergency Training Center, Emmitsburg, Maryland.

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