Would You Know If A Cylinder Was Missing?

How do you account for your chlorine inventory? Would you know if you had a missing  ton-container or 150-lb cylinder?  The National Association of SARA Title III Program Officials (NASTTPO) provides a good reason for establishing an accurate accounting system for your chlorine inventory.

NASTTPO has produced a 2-page paper on the use of industrial chemicals as a WMD at a major sporting event.  The industrial chemical used to illustrate the point is gaseous chlorine.

Scenarios are provided for a 40,000lb-tanker, ton-container and a 150lb-cylinder.  The paper suggests that a 150-lb cylinder would be easier to use and be successful in creating wide spread  panic and have the added benefit of making the authorities look foolish and ineffective.   A copy of the NASTTPO  paper may be downloaded below.

NASTTPO-Industrial-Chemicals-as-WMD.pdf download View | Download