May 15-16, 1998 Special Presentation

by Gilberto Guevara
American Red Cross, Puerto Rico

with participants from

The Second Annual Disaster Convention
Puerto Rico


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National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)
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The American Red Cross of Puerto Rico hosts two special events related to emergency management and disaster preparedness this Friday, May 15, and Saturday, May 16. Two special 1-hour online presentations are scheduled in the Virtual Forum to highlight the activities of the American Red Cross of Puerto Rico, an official Partner in the EIIP.

  • Friday - May 15 - 5:00 PM Eastern Time in the Virtual Forum - "Business and Industry Recovery after a Disaster": Join Harvey Ryland, Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS), and Gilberto Guevaro, ARC, for an online overview of the topic of business and industry recovery. This activity marks the formalization of the partnership between the American Red Cross and the Business and Industry leaders in emergency management. ARC perceives the need to share the emergency management knowledge and information with the economic sectors in Puerto Rico and will facilitate the transfer of such knowledge. Response, Recovery, Contingency, Mitigation and Preparedness Planning are topics to be discussed and presented by Harvey Ryland and Bernard Kulik, Small Business Administration (SBA). Business leaders will also be exposed to the SBA disaster programs and assistance available after a disaster. Pre-registration for this meeting is well over 200 at this time.

  • Saturday - May 16 - 3:00 PM Eastern Time in the Virtual Forum - "Second Annual Disaster Convention": This activity is directed to the American Red Cross disaster volunteer leadership in Puerto Rico. The program combines issues of preparedness for this upcoming Hurricane season with new plans and corporate obligations for the ARC disaster program. The Air Incident Response (AIR) team and the obligations under the Aviation Disaster Family Assistance Act of 1996 and the Federal Family Assistance Plan for Aviation Disasters are an example of the new information to be shared with the Puerto Rico leadership. Join Gilberto Guevaro and one of the convention speakers for an overview of this 1-day conference.

The Puerto Rican convention is dedicated to a man that has made a difference in emergency management in Puerto Rico --- Mr. José Bravo, Director of the Caribbean Division of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

* * * *

Disaster Response Planner, American Red Cross

Gilberto Guevara has worked with the American Red Cross (ARC) since 1976 and is currently deployed in the Caribbean. Gilbert has worked as a consultant to the League of Red Cross Societies, the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) and has collaborated with the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO). He has worked in disaster response in Central, South, North America and the Caribbean while also participating in emergency course and curriculum development with the ARC and international organizations. Gilberto is currently assisting the University of Puerto Rico to establish a Bachelors Degree Program in Emergency Management; he holds a B.S. in Education.

* * * *

Senior Director, Disaster Services
American Red Cross, National Headquarters

Armond Mascelli began his career with the American Red Cross in September 1970, and joined the Disaster Services Department in June 1977. Over the next twenty years, Mr. Mascelli served in numerous management positions, culminating in his promotion to Senior Director, Disaster Services, in December 1997.

In his current position, Mr. Mascelli is responsible for ensuring the American Red Cross response and service delivery for an average of 200 major disasters that occur each year within the United States and its territories, and for providing daily guidance to Red Cross chapters responding to local disaster incidents. Mr. Mascelli also manages the organization's nationwide Disaster Logistics and Warehouse Systems, Vehicle Fleet, and the Disaster Services Human Resources System. At the American Red Cross national headquarters he oversees a 24-hour Disaster Operations Center that provides operational direction and guidance, financial and material resource support, and technical assistance to Red Cross field units and disaster relief operations throughout the United States and its territories.

During his 20-year tenure with Disaster Services, Mr. Mascelli has directed and served on numerous disaster relief operations in the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. He has also served on Red Cross assignments in Mexico, Viet Nam, Thailand, Japan and the Middle East.

Mr. Mascelli received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Scranton and his Masters from Marywood University in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

* * * *

President, Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS)

Harvey Ryland began his position as President and Chief Executive Officer of the IBHS on October 1, 1996. IBHS is a national, not-for profit corporation whose mission is to reduce injuries, deaths, property damage, economic losses and human suffering caused by natural disasters. The Institute is support by the insurance industry and others committed to accomplishing this mission.

* * * *

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