Edited Version of August 18, 1999 Transcript
EIIP Special Event

"The EIIP Virtual Forum Second Anniversary / Birthday Party"

Special Messages

Denis Mileti
University of Colorado

Kay Goss
Associate Director Preparedness Directorate

Lacy Suiter
Associate Director Response and Recovery Directorate

Senator Fred D Thompson

EIIP Moderators:
Avagene Moore, CEM & Amy Sebring

The following version of the transcript has been edited for easier reading and comprehension. Typos were corrected, date/time/names attributed by the software to each were deleted but content of discussion, questions, and responses are as stated by each participant. Answers from the presenter to questions by the audience are grouped beneath the appropriate question to facilitate meaning.

[Opening Remarks]

Avagene Moore: Welcome to the EIIP Virtual Forum! Today is a milestone and a time to celebrate -- the EIIP Virtual Forum has been online for two years. And what a time we have had over the past two years!

At the top of this hour, I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to Amy Sebring, EIIP Technical Projects Coordinator. Amy makes so much of the Virtual Forum a reality for all of us. Amy is a godsend --- how we got together is another story for another day --- I am so thankful to have her as a fulltime working partner in this effort. Amy, my hat's off to you!

Amy Sebring: Blush.

Avagene Moore: //hat

Avagene Moore: The EIIP Virtual Forum began with one online session per month and we actually worried about coming up with topics and speakers. Due to a sharp learning curve, we know there is no shortage of either in this rapidly growing business.

Occasionally, our speakers may be a bit timid about trying this new medium but with a little instruction and encouragement, they find they can meet the challenge. We commend all our speakers over the past two years for bravely attempting and conquering this means of communications.

Today, we are starting our third year in the Virtual Forum. Any work or effort has to assess its progress and look to the future. The EIIP Virtual Forum must do the same. We measure our success from the activity and content of the Web site as well as active interaction focused on and through the Forum.

We believe our Pledge Drive is critical to our future. As a participant, your outreach to others for involvement is also important. Amy will have more to say about making your pledge today.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that we are grateful to FEMA for the majority of our financial support since this project began. We thank IAEM also for the administrative portion of the Cooperative Agreement with FEMA.

We are fortunate to have several people in the background, the EIIP Planning Team, who have guided and assisted us. As we look to the future, they help us chart our direction.

To foster the growth we want, a decision was made some months ago to seek nonprofit status for the EIIP. The process is underway now and we believe this will be advantageous to us in many ways.

Back to the business and pleasure at hand --- Your presence today and the wonderful emails and cards we received are very gratifying. Please look at the cards before leaving the Forum today. <http://www.emforum.org/vforum/birthday/cards99.htm>. Very creative and appreciated!

We also have some statements we want to share with you before we get down to the less serious party activities.

First of all, we have a message from Dennis Mileti, University of Colorado. Dennis has a new book out, 'Disaster by Design.' The second assessment of the disaster business has quite a bit to say about building local and regional networks, capabilities, and consensus. We especially wanted Dennis to share this message with you. Amy will be inputting Dennis' remarks; Amy?

Amy Sebring: As Avagene mentioned, we asked Dennis Mileti to address a few words to the concept of regional networks as discussed in the Second Assessment. This is an area we have been experimenting with in the Red River Basin Disaster Information Network project, and I will say from our experience, this is not easy to do and presents a familiar challenge, which is getting people to commit their valuable time to it. Professor Mileti's remarks are entitled: "Build Local Networks, Capabilities, and Consensus".

[Message from Denis Mileti]

Build Local Networks, Capabilities, and Consensus

"Today hazard specialists, emergency planners, resource managers, community planners, and other local stakeholders seek to solve problems on their own. An approach is needed to forge local consensus on disaster resiliency and nurture it through the complex challenges of planning and implementation.

One potential approach is a "sustainable hazards mitigation network" in each of the nation's communities that would engage in collaborative problem-solving. Each network would produce an integrated, comprehensive plan linking land-use, environmental, social, and economic goals.

An effective plan would also identify hazards, estimate potential losses, and assess the region's environmental carrying capacity. The stakeholder network especially needs to determine the amount and kind of damage that those who experience disasters can bear.

These plans would enable policy makers, businesses, and residents to understand the limitations of their region and world together to address them. Full consensus may never be reached, but the process is key because it can generate ideas and foster the sense of community required to mitigate hazards.

This kind of holistic approach will also situate mitigation in the context of other community goals that, historically, have worked against action to reduce hazards. Finally, the process will advance the idea that each locality controls the character of its disasters, forcing stakeholders to take responsibility for natural hazards and resources and realize that the decisions they make today will determine future losses.

Federal and state agencies could provide leadership in this process by sponsoring--through technical and financial support--a few prototype networks such as model communities or regional projects."

Amy Sebring: NOTE: If you are part of a group that would like to hold online meetings in our Partner room, related to disasters/emergencies, please get in touch with me or Avagene. We are very much interested in demonstrating this capability and will work to support your effort. We figure, if the IAEM Board can do it, anybody can! Back to you, Ava.

Avagene Moore: Our thanks to Dennis Mileti and Amy. And now we have a statement from Kay Goss, Associate Director of FEMA Preparedness Directorate. Our good friend and partner, Chip Hines, will do the honors. Chip, thanks for being here today.

Chip Hines: Thanks, Avagene, it has been a wonderful experience. The following are remarks from Kay Goss.

[Message from Kay Goss]

"I am quite disappointed that I was not able to be with you, even virtually, today, due to previously scheduled day-long listening sessions with my headquarters employees, without managers. This celebration marks a truly remarkable event, and I am proud that my organization in FEMA has been a part of the EIIP since it's inception.

A little over two years ago we began a planning process that gave birth to the EIIP, and at FEMA, we have done our best to continue financial and program support to the EIIP since then. Hopefully, we've maintained an approach to the organization that allowed the EIIP to continue to mature in a way that would best suit the partnership as a whole. Along the way, there have been some bumps, but the dedicated partnership has met every challenge admirably, and has become stronger because of your devotion.

We were happy to be able to partner with IAEM to get the organization quickly up and running, and they have been a real help in solving the many operational issues we faced in keeping the project going. In particular, I know Beth Armstrong has worked hard to make the EIIP a success, along with all her other many efforts in related areas.

We were so lucky to be able to get Avagene Moore to agree to be the coordinator for EIIP. She has brought such a breadth of professional experience and personal commitment to the organization that I just don't know what we could have done without her.

The addition of Amy Sebring to the organization brought in the technical skills and complimentary emergency management knowledge that have helped so much in the achievements of EIIP.

And I know that these two remarkable people haven't done the job alone. They have had support from a terrific group of interns, and from hardworking partners and a wide variety of speakers and program hosts. To all of you, I extend my thanks, appreciation and admiration.

As we begin EIIP's "terrible twos" we know that there are still many growing pains. Our recent budgets have not allowed us to continue funding the EIIP at the levels we might like. But I have full faith that the organization will continue to grow and respond in the magnificent fashion that has typified EIIP efforts.

As I wish a "Happy Birthday" to you, the people of EIIP, I am proud of the work we have done together, and look forward to many birthdays to come. Thank you all for making this dream a reality in our noblest profession of emergency management, and believe, along with me, that the best is yet to come!

Avagene Moore: Thank you, Chip. We appreciate Kay's remarks. I will formally thank Kay for her statement.

In our audience today we have our good friend, Lacy Suiter, Associate Director of the FEMA Response and Recovery Directorate. Thanks for joining us today, Lacy. Would you like to say a few words?

[Message from Lacy Suiter]

Good morning from Tennessee! Thanks very much for the invitation. I recognize many of the participants’names and it is good to renew old friendships --- virtually. At FEMA we are all indebted to Kay Goss' determination to continue our participation in the forum and to her selection of Avagene to guide us to a second birthday. Thanks, Avagene!!!

I will not be as fast as was Chip so it will take me a little longer. FEMA's RR directorate fully appreciates the forum and would be able to express myself better if I had practiced more. The fall offers us several opportunities to exchange information and share concerns.

The balance of 99 will be spent preparing and responding to multi- disaster and expected hazards. And they all conflict with each other: the droughts, hurricanes, that have not happened but surely will; the tornadoes, in places no one expects, and the flooding continues to be all the most difficult hazard. As we move on towards Y2K, for which we only hope we know what we do not know, that we don't know. So thanks for the invite and I will try to be more proficient next time.

Avagene Moore: Thank you, Lacy, for your insight. You did just fine. I appreciate you being here today. Means a lot! It is always good to 'see' you anytime, anywhere. Hope you enjoy the party.

Lacy Suiter: Your welcome!

Avagene Moore: And now, we have a few words from another friend --- Senator Fred D Thompson, R-TN. Fred and I both call Lawrenceburg TN home and we went to high school together. Senator Thompson graciously provided the following statement on a very serious subject that I will share with you. Senator Thompson has a "good news - bad news" message on Safety from the Threats of Terrorism and Proliferation.

[Message from Senator Fred D. Thompson]

Good News---Bad News: Safety from the Threats of Terrorism and Proliferation

"Congratulations, EIIP Virtual Forum on your second anniversary! Thanks so much for your patience -- this has been a busy week for me and my staff. The following is a statement for your site today:

"Most of America's enemies could not even begin to match our military might. Instead, they are turning to unconventional methods, such as chemical, biological, or terrorist attack.

"Recent bombings, such as the one in Oklahoma City, indicate that this is not an issue confined only to foreign threats or to major American cities. States and localities must face the threat of terrorism and consider a 'homeland defense.'

"The issue of integrating local agencies that have expertise in combating weapons of mass destruction and terrorism is receiving considerable time and attention on Capitol Hill. I have mixed news to report.

"The good news is that the dangers these threats pose are on the agenda; local and federal leaders are working together to integrate the organizations that strive to protect Americans from these threats and to use our resources most effectively.

"The bad news is that we're not there yet.

"Fortunately for us, three Tennessee cities --- Chattanooga, Memphis, and Nashville --- all have been designated as recipients of what's called "Nunn-Lugar-Domenici Preparedness Funding." These federal funds are specifically designated for domestic preparedness at the local level to help state and local law enforcement receive training and equipment to respond to chemical and biological attack.

"As Chairman of the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, I have discussed these issues at length with the ranking member, Senator Joseph Lieberman (D-CT). He and I agree that improving safety from the threats of terrorism and proliferation should be a goal for the Committee, and we hope to address integration of resources in our Committee."

Avagene Moore: Our sincere thanks to Senator Thompson and his staff. I will formally thank him for his statement. I now call upon Amy for her remarks and guidance that will lead us to more festive activities.

[Message from Amy Sebring]

Thank you Avagene, and thanks for all the encouraging words we have received. We have a little more serious business to attend to before we get to the party fun. It is my pleasant duty to acknowledge the contributions made by very many people who have helped the EIIP in our second year. Please hold your applause until we get through it.

First, I would like to send a big thank you to Isabel McCurdy who has been with us for two years. She volunteers her time, and every week she edits two transcripts into a readable form. Next, we had other volunteers and interns who have worked with us --- Jennifer Suter and Lindsey Burke from the University of North Texas Emergency Management Program, and Lori Wieber is now editing our monthly newsletter. Finally, Kellye Junchaya has been doing a terrific job for us in support of the FEMA Community and Family Preparedness Program.

The next category is our speakers. By our reckoning, we have had 125 presenters this past year. These individuals probably give at least 4 hours apiece to prepare, rehearse, and present. Most of them are very busy folks and we are extremely grateful for their contribution. Will you take a moment to look over our 1998-99 Hall of Fame at <http://www.emforum.org/vforum/990818.htm#FAME>! Some of these folks are here with us today. Please shoot them a private message to say thank you, if you recognize them from a session you attended.

Next, we must thank our host, National Fire and Rescue Magazine, who donates the server and work with us. Many, many thanks to Pat West and Monty Gearhart.

Finally, YOU are an essential part of the EIIP. Thanks to all of you who have attended sessions, or participated in some way. Thanks, especially, to those who have become Partners. And thanks to those that have pledged their time to make the upcoming year another successful one that we hope we will be celebrating next August

<http://www.emforum.org/vforum/990818.htm#PLEDGES>. We will honor those at our next birthday party who successfully complete their pledges. It is not too late to pledge. We need 100 and we are about a third of the way there.

I just received a pledge from Lloyd Bokman who had to leave. For Lloyd <//bell http://www.emforum.org/pledge.wav>.

Avagene Moore: Wonderful!

Amy Sebring: You can get to the pledge form by clicking on the Gift banner when it comes around. Ok, now please lend your applause to all the folks we have just mentioned! <clap, clap, clap!>

Avagene Moore: <clap, clap, clap!> Good job all! <clap, clap, clap!>

Ken Patterson Sr: <APPLAUD> GREAT job to all!

Libbi RuckerReed: //thumbsup.

Isabel McCurdy: <clap,clap>

Kellye Junchaya: <clap, clap, clap> A virtual standing ovation for Avagene and Amy too! Great job you two!

Chip Hines: Hip, Hip HOORAY!

Genevieve Pastor: //exclaim.

Mike Penner: Excellent job, Ava and Amy!

Jose Musse: Applause!

Isabel McCurdy: Outstanding!

Pat Moore: Applaud everyone involved, especially Avagene and Amy!

Avagene Moore: Thank you (curtsy, curtsy)!!

Steve Charvat: Steve Charvat whistles!!

Lacy Suiter: //exclaim !

Gil Gibbs: <<applause, applause>>

Jose Musse: //handshake ! Congratulations!!

Cam King: A big Canadian thanks; clap, clap, clap!

Amy Sebring: Next, just a few words to say how much I personally enjoy the work we have been doing and how much I have learned in the process; Avagene and I truly believe in this but we need to believe that it is valued by our community to keep us motivated. Your support is critical to our future.

Next week Bob Goldhammer and Pat Moore for the IAEM Round Table on Tuesday, discussing the Public Private Partnership Committee. And on Wednesday in the Tech Arena, Judy Jaeger from the Georgia Emergency Management Agency on their new Special Needs database application.

[Virtual Party Celebrations]

Amy Sebring: Ok, enough of that. Let the festivities begin! Everybody put on your //hat.

Gil Gibbs: Great job! //exclaim.

Amy Sebring: Blow up a //balloon. Get some //cake!

Genevieve Pastor: Ok, roll the //dice.

Gil Gibbs: Ice cream on the cake.

Amy Sebring: And get your //glass ready to wash it down.

Avagene Moore: //glass.

Amy Sebring: Check out the birthday cards at <http://www.emforum.org/vforum/birthday/cards99.htm>.

Isabel McCurdy: I want to take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt thanks for the privilege of being part of such an outstanding team. Thank you one and all.

Pat Moore: More cake please.

Chip Hines: Let's have a //ball!!

Lacy Suiter: //beer //beer.

Libbi RuckerReed: LET'S PARTY!!!!! WHEEEEE!!!!!!! BLOW THE HORNS!!!!

Gil Gibbs: Cake a la mode. //cake !!

Amy Sebring: And now please get ready to sing along.


Double click on the HappyBday.mid button when the page loads in your browser>.

Joe Ashby: Gee, I've never been to a virtual party before, where's the pin the tail on the donkey?

Kellye Junchaya: //pushpin //teddybear. That is actually pushpin in the teddybear but it will have to do.

Gil Gibbs: Need a bit of //music.

Isabel McCurdy: A bouquet of roses //rose //rose //rose //rose //rose //rose //rose //rose //rose //rose //rose.

Libbi RuckerReed: Yeah, Gil! Let the music play and play //music!!

Amy Sebring: Gil and Libbi, did you get the music?

David Crews: A green light on the Information Super Highway! //greenlight

Amy Sebring: Now, I think we are ready for some party games.

Avagene Moore: My husband who played Santa for our Christmas party wishes us a Happy Birthday!

Amy Sebring: If I may have your attention, please ! As you may know, we ask our speakers in the Virtual Forum to avoid the use of acronyms, or at least to spell them out, and if they don't, we remind them!

[Acronym Game]

Well, for today, the opposite will apply. Now I am not sure which federal agency is the granddaddy of acronyms, but FEMA is right up there. For example, please take a look at Appendix B of the FR (Federal Response Plan):


This works out to EIGHT PAGES of acronyms, and they actually use them!

We will give you about 2.5 minutes, and for our first game, please compose a sentence that has as many acronyms in it as you can manage. It should make sense, and preferably not be just a listing of agencies Here is an example: "The ARC rep is on his way to the EOC at PDHQ, where he will brief our PIO on the status of DWI." When you have one ready, just pop it in. (Note for all of these games, keep it CLEAN! or we will send Ava after you with her cyberprod!)

Libbi RuckerReed: Oh wow! I am laughing too hard to do this. My stomach is hurting!! How hilarious!!!

Lacy Suiter: All personnel reporting to the NECC should be aware that it is now the FOC and that the EIDA is now the FIDA as ordered by the DOF and supported by POTUS as well as the PC.

Genevieve Pastor: My FEMA rep had to go to the DAP to get a PAW for us to apply for PA under the FEMA-1203.

Amy Sebring: Oh, excellent!! Any more?

Cam King: The ESS Coord. issue an R&I Sitrep at 1330 gmt at the EOC on the Recep Ctre.

Avagene Moore: The ARC and the DEST will be going to the DFO to see the DCO, the DALO and all the DAE's before hightailing it for the EOC.

Kellye Junchaya: The CFP program for EIIP has many CEM's and CERT personnel and FEMA sponsors it through IAEM.

Bill Reynolds: We started as CD, then DCPA, the ESDA and now EMA, what's next?

David Crews: FYI the DFO has a FCO that works for FEMA in HAZMIT, R&R, HS, CR and LOG. We send reports to the NECC, Denton MOC and the FEMA ICU. They are the SITREP and SITSTAT for HQ.

Amy Sebring: Very good. Ok, I think our DAE, David Crews, is the winner!

Lacy Suiter: PDA's should be submitted COB today to the COS for consolidation to the SITREP. The DOF will use to brief POTUS and VPOTUS and they should agree with earlier reports provide by the ICU through the FIDA to the PC.

Genevieve Pastor: David's looks great!

Amy Sebring: Well, not to be outdone, we may have a tie with Lacy!

Libbi RuckerReed: Without a doubt, David is hands-down winner!!! Wonderful!

Avagene Moore: He ought to know his acronyms well. Hey, Lacy's is pretty good as well. He certainly used some I don't know.

Cam King: Great Dave !

Joe Ashby: Didn't realize that many grads of Acronym U!

Lacy Suiter: But David did not get as many in a single sentence.

Genevieve Pastor: What in the world is a VPOTUS?

Chip Hines: PT, R!

Ken Patterson Sr: Vice President of the United States!

Avagene Moore: Don't ask, Genevieve. Better not to know.

Lacy Suiter: VPOTUS is Vice President of the United States!

Amy Sebring: Ok, for the next game, we want you to make up a NEW acronym, then use it in a sentence, and the rest of us will try to figure it out. Please provide enough context so we have a chance. Here is an example: Mr. Mayor, about that bad chemical spill, what we have here is a VNS. Any guesses for VNS?

Chip Hines: Virtual Napalm Spill?

Genevieve Pastor: Very Nasty Spill.

Ken Patterson Sr: Very Nasty Spill?

Merrily Powell: Very Nasty Spill.

Bill Reynolds: Very Nasty Spill!

Libbi RuckerReed: Violation Natural Sciences?

Amy Sebring: Very Nasty Situation! Very close.

Joe Ashby: Virtual Noisy Sibling.

Deidrich Towne: Very Noxious Smell.

David Crews: Very Nice Person!

Genevieve Pastor: Very Nasty Spill?

Avagene Moore: All great!

Amy Sebring: Ok, When you have one ready to go (all typed), please send me a direct message and I will call on you. Just send me a "Ready" msg, not your sentence.

Genevieve Pastor: Ready!

Amy Sebring: Ok, go Genevieve.

Gil Gibbs: Mr. Mayor, we have a storm approaching, and the situation is SNAFU- Situation Normal, All Found Underwater! //haha.

Amy Sebring: Oh, ok, I am looking for somebody to tell me they are ready with a sentence. Do NOT give the answer and we will guess. Ok, Libbi is ready. Pop it in, Libbi.

Libbi RuckerReed: Ms.Co. Exec, this transportation accident has a MEBS on board.

Amy Sebring: Guesses, anyone?

Genevieve Pastor: Mutual emergency broadcasting system?

Libbi RuckerReed: Negative.

Kellye Junchaya: Medically experienced boy scout?

Libbi RuckerReed: Uh, nope.

Merrily Powell: Most elaborate body suit.

Libbi RuckerReed: Uh uh.

Joe Ashby: Mobile expandable bundle of stuff.

Libbi RuckerReed: Sorry, not yet.

Merrily Powell: Many elves busily singing.

Libbi RuckerReed: LOL LOL,, but no.

Amy Sebring: Ok, what is it, Libbi?

Libbi RuckerReed: Methyl ethyl bad stuff.

Cam King: Medical emergency basic stat.

Genevieve Pastor: At least Joe got the "stuff" part correct.

Libbi RuckerReed: LOL !

Avagene Moore: Ready !

Amy Sebring: Ok thanks, Libbi. Go Ava.

Avagene Moore: Mr. County Exec, I have a report on the local flooding due to my personal WWWW test. 4 W's.

Amy Sebring: Wet weather water wading?

Avagene Moore: No.

Amy Sebring: Did I get one of them?

Avagene Moore: Close, 2 out of 4.

Genevieve Pastor: Woman's water wading wet test.

Avagene Moore: No.

Libbi RuckerReed: Wet weather water waders.

Avagene Moore: No.

Joe Ashby: VW Wild Weasel vrrrrooom.

Kellye Junchaya: West Wing Wet Water.

Avagene Moore: No, give up?

Amy Sebring: Yes, what is it, Ava?

Avagene Moore: Wet While Walking in Water!

David Crews: Waste Water.

Amy Sebring: Very good. Anybody else have one more?

Libbi RuckerReed: //haha //exclaim.

Pat Moore: The real answers to these acronyms would be a great educational tool for the private sector. I would be happy to send the public sector through EIIP, a business continuity planning glossary of words and acronyms, and if someone from the public sector could send me a glossary with some of these acronyms that would be really helpful in our workshops.

Avagene Moore: Pat brings up a good point. Difference in Acronyms and Terminology between government, private sector and the military, etc.

Pat Moore: Avagene, not to take away from the party, but let's get together afterwards on seeing how we can exchange these glossaries.

Amy Sebring: //bell <http://www.emforum.org/pledge.wav> Merrily!

//bell <http://www.emforum.org/pledge.wav> Genevieve!

Ok, we have one more game. This will take a moment to get set up. We are going to play bingo.

Amy Sebring: You are going to make the bingo card, so please be honest, this is just for fun. Please wait for all these instructions:

1. Go to <http://www.emforum.org/vforum/birthday/bingo.htm>

2. Set your print margins down to about .35 on the top and bottom

3. Print the page. If you do not have a printer, just draw yourself a five by five grid.

4. From the shorter list of the more common acronyms at the bottom of the page, write an acronym in each empty square. Mix them up. Use an acronym only once on your card. It helps to cross them off the list as you use them.

5. When you are ready, I will call out acronyms drawn from a bowl. It will not matter which row or column you have it in; if you have it, mark it with a marker or crayon or whatever you have.

6. First one with five in a row across, down, or diagonal shouts BINGO! and is the winner. If I get through all 60 acronyms, and we have no winner, we will see who has the most in a row.

Ok, go get setup. We will wait about 3.5 minutes. About 1 more minute.

Lacy Suiter: I hate to be a party pooper but I cannot stay for the balance of the party. Congratulations to Avagene and Amy and let me know what I can do to help if anything. Stay in touch.

Amy Sebring: We are close to end. Thanks Lacy! You were great! Are we about ready?

Genevieve Pastor: Ready.

Pat Moore: I have to go to a 1:00 meeting so goodbye for now everyone.

Amy Sebring: Here we go ready or not:





















Genevieve Pastor: Bingo.

Amy Sebring: Congratulations, Genevieve!!

Chip Hines: Don't you mean, BINGO!!!

Amy Sebring: Do we have time for one more round?

Isabel McCurdy: Oh darn, needed two more !!

Amy Sebring: You can use the same card and another color marker?

Genevieve Pastor: Thank you this was fun! Yes, Chip. BINGO!! //kaboom.

Avagene Moore: Yes. One more.

Amy Sebring: Yes? Ok.

Avagene Moore: Yes.

Cam King: Sorry, have to leave - must run.

Amy Sebring: Putting them all back in. Bye Cam.

Avagene Moore: Thanks, Cam.

Amy Sebring: Here we go, Round Two.








Libbi RuckerReed: Thanks for the wonderful party! Congratulations Ava and Amy and EIIP. Looking forward to continued participation in an excellent communication format! Hope everyone has a great week. Bye all. See ya next week! :)

Amy Sebring: BYE LIBBI !

Avagene Moore: Bye Libbi !

Amy Sebring: DWI














Genevieve Pastor: BINGO //megafone.

Amy Sebring: SOP. Again, Genevieve??!!

Avagene Moore: Wow!

Amy Sebring: Congratulations.

Genevieve Pastor: Yes, I can't believe it. //smiley.

Amy Sebring: Ok, that's it for our second annual birthday party. Thanks to all our "guests" and hopefully, we will see you all next year at our Third!