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Would You Know If A Cylinder Was Missing?

How do you account for your chlorine inventory? Would you know if you had a missing  ton-container or 150-lb cylinder?  The National Association of SARA Title III Program Officials (NASTTPO) provides a good reason for establishing an accurate accounting system for your chlorine inventory. NASTTPO has produced a 2-page paper on the use of industrial […]

USFA Hazardous Materials Guide for First Responders

Hazardous materials incidents are different from fire suppression or other usual emergency operations. The nature of the hazard requires different protective equipment, operational approaches, skills and attitudes. The rules are changed. Getting in and making a fast attack is not the order of the day. A slower methodical approach is called for, as well as […]

File Alert Responding to Ethanol Fires

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) is alerting emergency responders to appropriate emergency response guidance for responding to incidents involving fuel mixtures composed of ethanol (or “ethyl alcohol”) and gasoline in various concentrations.

Industrial Chemicals as WMD

The National Association of SARA Title III Program Officials (NASTTPO) has published an article on the use of industrial chemicals as WMDs.  A copy of this article may be downloaded below.

Nevada State Emergency Response Commission (SERC)

Funding Committee Meeting 107 Jacobsen Way, Classroom C Carson City, NV 89711 March 8, 2012 Members Present Richard Brenner, Chair* Stacey Giomi Susan Crowley* John Helmreich* Members Absent Stacey Giomi Staff Will Geddes Suzie Adam Karen Pabón Guests Diane Blake* Dave Fogerson Cathy Ludwig Irene Navis*

FEMA Emergency Management Guide for Business and Industry

A Step-by-Step Approach to Emergency Planning, Response and Recovery for Companies of All Sizes. A hurricane blasts through South Florida causing more than $25 billion in damages. A fire at a food processing plant results in 25 deaths, a company out of business and a small town devastated. A bombing in the World Trade Center […]